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Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Hit News

"Superdad" tosses daughter out of path of oncoming car, taking injuries on himself. This Is South Wales:

    Says mother of the girl, "I didn't want to go over the road. I thought she was dead."

- - - - -
Seventy-seven Mafia arrests, twenty-three in Italy and fifty-four in America. Corriere Della Sera (Italian News In English).

    The Palermo-New York drug trade was just one of the businesses Sicilian Mafia clans were looking to run with the families who had “fled” to the United States.


    Officers burst into houses at Brancaccio, Pagliarelli and Villagrazia to drag gang members from their beds.


    Television cameras portrayed Filippo Casamento, 82, being hustled into a blue FBI van and filmed the arrest of his associates, the Gambinos.

- - - - -
Copenhagen nursing home residents receive help from staffers in getting prostitutes. The Copenhagen Post:

    Sygeplejersken, the trade magazine for nurses and carers, recently surveyed 13 nursing homes and found that many nursing home residents still need to have their sexual desires satiated and staff are willing to help out.

    "Our policy is that we generally try to help satisfy our residents needs,"said a nurse from Holmegordsparken nursing home in Charlottenlund, outside of Copenhagen.

    In the city of Skanderborg in Jutland, the use of prostitutes was common, according to Merete Baastrup, manager of the Kildegarden nursing home. "We have one resident who has been using the services of a prostitute for some time," she said.

    Prostitution is legal in Denmark, but whether nursing homes are permitted to facilitate contacts is unclear, which leaves it up to municipal authorities to decide whether to allow staff in nursing homes to help satisfy residents� sexual needs.

Nursing home residents say prostitution night is way better than 'ice cream and movie' night and talent show night.
- - - - -
Stunning and gorgeous grotto discovered under Norwegian ice glacier. Aftenposten:

    Large quantities of water from melting ice have created what researchers are calling a "sensational" grotto under one of Norway's major glaciers.

    The researchers discovered the grotto last fall under the Nigard Glacier, an arm of the famed Jostedal Glacier in Luster, in the western county of Sogn og Fjordane.

- - - - -
Norwegian energy group StatoilHydro has drawn widespread environmental protests in response to its plans to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea
. Aftenposten:

    Last week, US Senator John Kerry proposed a ban on oil exploration in the Chukchi Sea, reported Newswire.

Kerry just can't stop being a worldwide pest, can he?
- - - - -
Registering Islamic party would mean legal failure in Finland. NewsRoom Finland:

    Astrid Thors (spp), Finland's immigration and Europe minister, said Friday that if the political association named the Finnish Islamic party managed to register itself as a party proper it would flaunt a flaw in legislation.


    "Plans to create an Islamic party demonstrate that our party legislation has a serious flaw," Mr Thors said at a Swedish People's party meeting.

    "Inter-cultural dialogue would not benefit from the founding of an Islamic party."

    The Sunni Muslims who founded the association have said that while they respect Finnish law in the short term, in the longer term Sharia law takes precedence.

- - - - -
Blast, not bullet, killed Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan Observer:

    Scotland Yard said in a report released Friday that opposition leader Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a suicide bomb blast, not a gunshot findings that support the Pakistani government’s version of the events. The British probe also found that a single attacker fired the shots at Bhutto and detonated the blast by blowing himself up moments later. British Home Office pathologist Dr. Nathaniel Cary was quoted in a report as saying that “the only tenable cause” for Bhutto’s fatal head injury was the impact of the blast that went off as she waved to supporters from the hatch of her vehicle after an election rally. “In my opinion Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a severe head injury sustained as a consequence of the bomb-blast and due to head impact somewhere in the escape hatch of the vehicle,” Cary said in the report.

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