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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

One Hit News

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has won his second state in the Republican presidential nominating contest, taking 18 of West Virginia’s delegates at the state convention Tuesday. The Hill via AP. And I'm guessing that will be the only major win for Huckabee.
- - - - -
The Israeli Army kills two more Hamas terrorists. BBC News. And two other ones bite the dust, two other ones bite the dust, hey hey hey, two other ones bite the dust...
- - - - -
Ex-Ally of Robert Mugabe to run against him in presidential election. BBC News. Mugabe has been dictator president since 1987 having been Prime Minister since 1980. It is generally agreed Mugabe and his supporters fixed and rigged his election. The position of Prime Minister was eliminated in 1987 and Mugabe basically declared himself President. Can you say dictator?
- - - - -
A majority of Norwegians support their Troops participation in Afghanistan. Aftenposten:

    According to the survey, conducted by research firm Norstat for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), 57 percent of those questioned believe Norwegian soldiers should take part in NATO's Afghanistan operations.


    The poll showed only 32 percent of Norwegians questioned were opposed to Norway's military presence in Afghanistan.

- - - - -
Muslim extremists targeting and recruiting local youth in Norway. Aftenposten:

    Jørn Holme, chief of The Norwegian Police Security Service (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste PST), confirmed for the first time on Monday that active recruiting efforts are being carried out by older, militant extremists in Norway.


    "We've had reports about older, manipulative Islamic extremists here in the country, who have tried to motivate youth to take part in jihad (holy war) attacks abroad," he told Aftenposten. He said PST is taking the reports seriously.

But - but - but - our Little Liberal Pacifists in the U.S. tell us there's no such thing as terrorism and terrorists or even if there were they're not recruiting young Muslims. Hmmmmm...hmmmmmm......
- - - - -

The head of motorsport in Spain has vowed to "weed out" racists after Lewis Hamilton was abused by fans during a pre-season test. Sky News:

    Hamilton, 23, the first black driver to compete in Formula One, was subjected to racist insults at the Circuit de Catalunya, in Montmelo, near Barcelona.


    [Carlos Gracia] said: "As president of the Spanish Motorsport Federation, I want to state my anger and absolute opposition to these episodes."

- - - - -
Denmark's Healthy McDonald's Big Mac?? Copenhagen Post:

    You'll soon be able to sink your teeth into a new burger at McDonald's fast-food chain nation-wide and if you're feeling guilty about the calories you're ingesting, rest assured that your purchase is helping to train top athletes in Denmark and it's also supposed to be healthy.


    [The burger] will consist of a fibre-rich bun with chicken, fruit or vegetables and water or juice.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm - it sounds so much more delicious when you spell fibre that way, doesn't it?
- - - - -
QUICK! Rush your local retailers en masse! A new iPhone is out and it has DOUBLE THE MEMORY! Sky News:

    Apple has launched its latest version of the iPhone in the UK - with double the memory space.

    The updated version has 16gbs of memory compared to the 8gb iPhone that was launched to much anticipation in November last year.

Double the memory! OMG! DOUBLE! DOUBLE THE MEMORY! Why, that means I can ignore twice the amount of text messages I never send and never get!

Double the memory! Somewhere a geek just got his first boner.

See. I warned you I the evening drinking.
heh - but how about that nutritious Big Mac with "fibre". Doesn't that just whet the appetite?!?!?!
All it needs to make it healthy is beer.

I see I did a fine job of proofreading my first post.
You do a great job.

Now, in the best Monty Python voice, I would order...

"a healthy Big Mac full of your finest fibreeeeeeeee, please."
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