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Friday, February 22, 2008

No Voting Or Ballot Problems At All

Ted Kennedy's Poodle is winning state primary and caucuses, one after another.

No mention has been made at all by the Left of the slightest problem of votes being counted, of ballots being cast or of Diebold and optical scanners having even the smallest problem or glitch.

Not a single solitary case of any Dem voter reporting that they were "confused" by the "wording" of the ballot - not one! Amazing! Extraordinary! Miraculous! Mind-boggling! Why, I am shocked that the NYT hasn't reported on the staggering examples of such record proportion perfection in voting.

In all the states where The Poodle has won, and the small number of states where Hillary Clinton won, all the processes in those voting systems are working smoothly, perfectly, flawlessly.

Everything is working fine. This is just amazing, isn't it? Just amazing that not the slightest hiccup in the voting process in any town, county, city or state as long as a Democrat is winning. Amazing! Unfathomably amazing!


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