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Monday, February 18, 2008

No Myth

I love this song. Michael Penn bangs - plucks, I guess is more accurate - on guitar strings the way drummers bang on drums.

The lyrics are so ethereal. I also like the creativity of the video.

1989's "No Myth."

I love Michael Penn (the only talented Penn)... I believe he is married to/seeing/living with Amy Mann...
Curse you David Drake! Now I have "No Myth" going through my head. I'll be humming if not outright singing it all day. And I'm not even a big Penn fan. (although No Myth is my favorite of his work).

Geeze that song will be twenty years old next year. Spooky.
Butch, what other Penns is he related to? Is he the son of film director Arthur Penn? Michael is not related to Sean, is he? Oy!
Yes, but you know what Dane, there's 1,000 other worse songs to get stuck in one's head.

It will be 20 years old, won't it? Still sounds fresh, like it could have come out yesterday, do you agree?
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