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Monday, February 11, 2008

Michigan and Florida Should
Not Get A "Do-Over"

The National Democrat Politburo (NDP) disqualified primaries in Michigan and Florida because both states ignored the official timeline policy as set forth from the NDP.

In Michigan, the Dem candidates withdrew their names from the ballots, ummmm - except for Hillary Clinton MrsSatan.

In Florida, the Dem candidates promised not to campaign there. After unofficially winning both of these states, though, MrsSatan has unilaterally decided she wants them to count.

In a move that should rankle and anger every single Democrat, Liberal and Progressive, Hillary advocated changing the rules at halftime, just in time for the Florida primary, saying she thinks the results from Michigan and Florida should count.

Well, what did you Dems expect? That Hillary would keep her promise? Oh, you're a naive bunch of sheep, aren't you? You didn't see her switcharoo coming? You fell for Hillary saying, "look at the birdie, see the birdie, pretty little birdie, what a cute little birdie. Look, a birdie!" Gawd, you are a dense bunch. Have you always, for your entire lifetime, had your brain removed from your cranium or was it a slow, methodic process - say, only deleting a tablespoon of your brain over an extended period of time?

Michigan and Florida should not get a "do-over." Both states made their choices knowing full well what would be the consequences. If anyone believed that Hillary would keep her original promise, you're an idiot. You didn't even suspect what she now wants - that Michigan and Florida results should be counted - when she didn't take her name off the Michigan ballot? You Dems, I tell 'ya - you are really a gullible, stupid bunch.

The dispute over Michigan and Florida may be decided by the Dem Party's three-member committee. Two of the three members held positions in Bill Clinton's Administration. Boy, I bet the Dems will be scratching their heads wondering with whom the committee will side. It sure is a mystery; a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

You Dems let your own politicians pull the wool over your eyes again and again. The mystery is how any Dem ever gets elected to office.


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