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Friday, February 08, 2008

Hillary's Staff Goes Without Pay

Hillary Clinton's senior campaign staff is going without pay. ABC News:

    Members of Senator Hillary Clinton's senior campaign staff have agreed to work without pay for the month of February. Communications Director Howard Wolfson called the move "a show of solidarity with Hillary Clinton".

    Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle is one of those who will forego a paycheck for the month. Solis Doyle told ABC News she offered the Senator her services for free. She said she was not asked to take a pay cut.

    Many of Clinton's top staff, including Solis Doyle and others, have been with the Senator for more than a decade and are fiercely loyal to her.


    Senator Clinton reached into her own pockets to give the campaign a $5 million loan late last month.

    She explained Wednesday that the loan was made out of necessity.

    "I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money. That's where I got the money." Clinton said. She emphasized the word "my" to make clear that the loan did not involve her husband, the former President.

Scrooge McHillary

The Associated Press:

    Clinton said the loan and salary deferrals were not a sign of financial difficulties.

    "No, not at all," Clinton told ABC News in an interview Thursday. "We were outraised in January, which we took steps immediately to address, and I think the results on Super Tuesday showed that we were more than competitive. Since Tuesday we've raised millions of dollars on the Internet, so we're going to be fine.

    "And my staff is so dedicated that they stepped up and said, 'Look, this is so important we're going to do our part.'

I'm sure the dedicated staff voluntarily gave up their paycheck, sure...no doubt about it. I wonder how many ashtrays Hillary had to throw at them before they "volunteered" to go without pay.

"When you look at the way Hillary Clinton has run her presidential campaign,
it has been run like a plantation, and you know what I'm talkin' about."

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I have no doubt she has tons of cash stashed someplace off-shore. Hell, we just recently learned of the $135 MILLION that her so-called hubby got from that Khazakistan uranium mine swindle. She probably wipes with nothing less than $1,000 bills.
And they are so greedy and protective of "their money", aren't they? You know..."I don't much like the tone of Hillary's voice." (fill in the rest yourself).
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