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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hillary Lends Her Own Campaign
Money From China And Dubai

Join us for another episode of the Clinton Crime Family And Their Questionable Dirty Money.

The super-duper uber-Liberal Washington Post reports that Hillary loaned her campaign $5 Million dollars:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton will announce today that she has loaned her campaign $5 million, a financial turn of events few could have predicted from the candidate who has for months been the Democratic primary money leader.

Now, we must ask ourselves, from whom and where did the Clintons earn the millions of dollars that they now have? Well, from China, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. You especially remember Saudi Arabia, don't you? Why, all the pinheaded Lefties out there are so very quick to point out that Saudi Arabia was the country of origin for most of the September 11 hi-jackers. Saudi Arabia is the country that, the Lefties claim, "has George W. Bush in their pockets."

Lest we not forget the millions of dollars from the Saudis given to the Clintons for Bubba's Presidential Library and House of Kink Shoppe.

Townhall notes from where and whom the Clintons get the butter for their bread:

    Since leaving the White House, Clinton has earned more than $20 million in speaking fees from foreign sources in places like the People's Republic of China and Dubai, according to her Senate financial disclosure forms. They also share a joint checking account according to those same forms.

Marc Ambinder, writing at The Atlantic, reminds us of Bill Clinton's words that he would never part with their own money to subsidize Hillary's campaign:

    In December, according to the Politico, Bill Clinton strongly implied that the couple had no plans to part with its money.

    "They say you couldn’t stop me from spending all the money I’ve saved over the last five years on Hillary’s campaign if I wanted to, even though it would clearly violate the spirit of campaign finance reform," the former president said.

Why, Bubba, you ask, did you not just violate the spirit of campaign finance reform?

"Well, that depends on what your definition of 'clearly' is," is how the unregistered sexual offender would croak back in response.

ABC News reports that Hillary fundraisers are registered with the Department of Justice as being lobbyists for Foreign Governments:

    ...six Clinton "Hillraisers," designated donors who have raised at least $100,000 for the senator's presidential campaign, are registered with the Justice Department to lobby for foreign governments.


    Two of Clinton's top moneymen, John Merrigan and Matthew "Mac" Bernstein, are part of a lobbying team hired by the rulers of Dubai to defend against a U.S.-based lawsuit alleging that the rulers had enslaved young boys to race camels. The lobbyists' firm, DLA Piper, arranged a meeting with Clinton and three other senators last year on behalf of Dubai, according to filings. Dubai paid the firm $3.7 million for a year's work.

    Merrigan and Bernstein also signed, on behalf of the firm, a $100,000-per-month contract with the Turkish government last March to prevent "the introduction, debate and passage of legislation and other U.S. government action that harms Turkey's interests or image." The lobbying effort opposed a resolution, co-sponsored by Clinton, that would call the World War I era massacre of Armenians by Ottoman Turks a genocide.

The fundraising - both past and present - by Bubba and MrsSatan is so questionable, so dirty, so illicit, they should be put on trial, found guilty and locked up behind bars for the rest of their lives.

In a desperate attempt to deflect both criticism and investigation, Hillary claims, "it is MY money."

    "I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money.. I believe very strongly in this campaign," said Clinton, who earned a reported $8 million advance for her autobiography Living History a few years back. "The results last night proved my investment was correct."

    Why the emphasis on "my?"

    "The loan is from Senator Clinton's share of their joint resources," we were told by a Clinton spokesman.

    The senator refused to say if she planned to lend the campaign any more cash.

Why, that's not very "It Takes A Village" of her, now is it? Why, she doesn't seem to want her money "being taken from her for the common good."

Oh such rich, creamy, chocolaty, nougaty hypocrisy. It's amazing how selfish and greedy Democrats get when it comes to "their money," isn't it?

You have to love it when a Democrat suddenly gets hell-bent possessive about their money when they are so willing to take other people's money via tax increases at the drop of a hat and spend it like there's no tommorrow.

Suddenly Democrats get all Scrooge McDuck when it comes to "their money." My, how ironic and hypocritical.

Pulling a page right out of the Democrat Handbook and thinking just like a Democrat, I would say the Clintons are too wealthy. Most of their wealth should be confiscated and redistributed, starting with me! I need a few million and since the Clintons have too much - way too much that they don't need - they shouldn't for a moment be entitled to be so rich. Divvy up those millions. I need it more than they do. How dare she think of that money as "hers".


I wonder how much she'll make in interest?
This book deal is apparently the gift that keeps on giving. from my recollection this same money purchased the mansion in upstate new york and funded the senate campaign years ago not to mention a portion of the library. The whole thing sounds like fuzzy mathmatics to me.
It could be profitable...just like her prowess with cattle futures!
The book money, the johnny chung money, that other johnny (whose last name I can't recall at the moment) money. The Hsu money, Saudi Money, Dubai money, cattle futures money...the sources of the Clinton's questionable money is a lengthy one indeed.
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