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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dems Squeal Like Stuck Pigs;
What Else Is Old News?

Dems told us that every vote mattered and every vote counted in Florida, year 2000 and in Ohio, year 2004. Well, except for absentee Military votes, the Dems never want to count those.

What do the same, fierce vocal Dems who screamed in year 2000 and 2004 say about Michigan and Florida? Well, Michigan...Florida...your voice and vote doesn't matter. Your state Dem party leaders disobeyed Democrat Politburo Central Kommand and went ahead and had their primaries ahead of schedule. The penalty for this? Again, your voice and vote doesn't matter. Nice, huh?

Hillary Clinton wants the results in Michigan and Florida to count, of course being that she won both states. Obama doesn't think they should count because he played by the rules and his name didn't appear on the ballots of both states.

Obama supporters thought the Clintons would play by the rules? They obviously have not been paying attention to how Democrats have behaved and conducted themselves for the past....oh...fifty years!

The Dems are suddenly stricken by their own hypocrisy! Does anyone need more proof that these people live in a permanent state of denial?

Words Republican George Allen may or may not have said 35 years ago mattered, but Hillary Clinton's racist words from 35 or so years ago don't matter. Why, after 18 or so Dem debates the question of her racist language isn't even whispered about. Talk about a compliant and obediant press and MSM.

The allegations about Bill Clinton's infidelity was ignored by the press when he ran for president in 1992. Women were crawling out of the woodwork about Clinton sexually harassing them and having an affair with him. The press said nothing. Democrats said nothing.

Larry Sinclair has made serious allegations about Barack Obama and the press doesn't mention this and the Democrats ignore it. Do you think the Dems would hold the same standard if what Larry Sinclair is saying was being said about a Republican?

Oh damn! How it was so vitally important for the Democrat Presidential candidate in 2004 - John Kerry - to have Military experience because George W. Bush was "only" in the National Guard.

Now, in 2008, does Military experience matter to the Democrats? Not so much, as a matter of fact Military experience means nothing to the Left this time around because John McCain actually has a Military background.

The tactics that Democrats have used against their Republican opponents for the last 40 years is suddenly being talking about because those same tactics are being used against Obama. Well surprise, surprise. The Dems have pulled their heads out of the ostrich hole long enough to call attention to their own hypocrisy.

Words mean something, or so the Dems now tell us. Do they mean words like, "the U.S. Military is baby killers and rapists"? "Bush is Hitler." "The U.S. is a fascist government under Bush."

The Mayor of Berkeley, California and a number of city council members say, "The Maines are 'Unwelcome Intruders.'"

Madman John Murtha refers to U.S. Marines in Haditha as "murderers".

Dick Durbin refers to U.S. Soldiers as the equivalent of "Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime [and] Pol Pot."

Do the Dems mean these types of words? Please feel free, Dems, to clarify what words count and have meaning and what words don't. Can you say Vast Left Wing Double Standard Hypocrisy?

Rudy Giuliani dons a dress for a "Saturday Night Live" sketch and is mercilessly ridiculed for it by the Left. Robert Somma hits a gay bar, downs a substantial amount of booze and a short while later is nabbed for driving while intoxicated. And he's wearing a woman's cocktail dress, fishnet stockings and high heels and he is somehow off-limits for humor and ridicule?

You are reading the wrong blog if you think I'm playing by the rules set forth by the Insane Liberal Clown Posse. I'm doing nothing but holding Liberals and Progressives to the standard they hold and apply to everyone else - except themselves. Learn to live with it, because I'm not going anywhere.


Rock on DD! Rock on!

Stupid Dems or would that be Stems? Ha.
I been missing you here, Molson. What ya been up to? Did you take another trip to Colo and do some sub-zero temperature hiking trips?

I think I mentioned once I'd be commenting over at your blog if I didn't have to sign in in order to do it, so don't take my lack of comments over there in a neg way - although I'm pretty certain you don't.

"Stems" - heh - stems get thrown out with the seeds, right?!?!

Glad to hear from you my friend!
Colorado? I wish. Colorado might as well be on the other side of the planet because I'm not getting out this rust belt frozen Hell. Well I actually live about an hour northeast of Hell, but close enough. Even worse, I spent the last three days fighting to salvage a dying hard drive in a PC craptop. You know the whole BSOD thing with the apocalyptic messages like 'fatal error' and such. Well the drive finally died so I'm done with that. I'm back to my ancient Mac. No BSOD here and let me say without a doubt that MS Winblows in any flavor is the most hateful piece of crapware ever conceived. For now it's OS X for me and if I decide I can't stand Crapple anymore then I'll go Linux. I love pain. It makes me know I'm still living.

I didn't know you had to log in to leave comments at Hiking CO. I never bothered changing any of the settings when I first set the thing up. I'll have to look and see what I can do about that. I haven't posted anything there in a while either.
Sorry to hear about the PC and BSOD. heh - i hadda look that up, I'd forgotten that phrase.

Thats okay about the comments. Blogger has diff ways to set up comments, one way is allowing only others that have blogger or google accts to comment, but then you have to log into your acct before commenting. Mine is set for anyone to comments, anonymous or "add a name" - with the comment moderation turned on, which means before a comment appears I have to approve it being published.

no biggie.
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