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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Democrats Don't Have Loyalty

11 minutes into the third hour of today's Liberal Talk Radio Ed Schultz's program, he took a call from, I believe her name was Mary but I could be wrong.

She said, and I paraphrase, with Joe Lieberman endorsing John McCain, and John Kerry endorsing Obama instead of supporting John Edwards (before Edwards dropped out), and Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama that there seems to be no loyalty in the Democratic Party.

Ha ha ha ha ha hoo hoo ha ha ha ha ha ha heeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Oh, that's a good one, Mary. Loyalty in the Democrat Party? Who could have predicted Liberal Talk Radio would have such unintended comedic programming?

Good god almighty, it took Mary how many years to reach such an obvious conclusion? Her words prove Dems aren't paying attention to their own party, or more accurately, that Dems are steeped deeply in their own selective, biased double-standards allowing themselves to be blinded from what is blatantly obvious to even the most half-hearted observer.

No loyalty in the Dem Party? No! Really? I don't believe it!



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