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Monday, February 18, 2008


This is the asshat cop that gives all cops a bad image. Steamdragon at Thus I Have Spoken
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U.N. workers in Juba (the regional capital of Southern Sudan) are regularly served luxurious meals prepared by five-star chefs, while the general population scrambles to gather enough food to survive on a daily basis. I'm surprised the UN workers have time to dine in elegance, considering they usually spend their time raping the women and children that they are supposed to be helping. Reject The UN
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Funniest line I've read in ages: "Okay, so I get the results of some blood tests the other day and discover that my cholesterol levels are something like having a solid can of Crisco for a heart." - Shawn Holster at Monkeyeggs
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David Codrea asking all those who believe in the Second Amendment to make their voices heard by Ken Koelhler. - The War on Guns
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Regarding the Northern Illinois University shooting this past week, there is only one reason things like this happen, and Kevin at Smallest Minority sums it up: Another Gun Free Zone Does Its Job.
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Posse Incitatus weighs in with a similar theme: Gun-Free Zones Claims More Victims.
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Don Long at The Shaved Ape has some advice on how Republicans need to act and treat Hillary Clinton should she occupy the White House come January 2009. I agree - and I say if The Poodle is elected, he should be treated in the same manner.

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