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Friday, February 01, 2008

Bill Clinton Calls For U.S. Recession

A recession is a good thing, according to the former unregistered sexual-predator, Bill Clinton.

I guess this means that "it's the economy, stupid" is NOT an issue. (It isn't, actually, but the Dems want to make the economy a faux issue just like Bubba did in the 1992 election).

In Denver, CO, the serial adulterer and accused rapist said the following. All Headline News:

    Speaking in Denver on Wednesday, former President Bill Clinton did not mince words on how to combat global warming, telling the crowd that the fight against climate change required industrialized nations to "slow down their economies and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions."

    Bill Clinton, who was traveling from state to state to campaign on behalf of his wife's presidential bid, spoke to the Colorado crowd about the importance of a good energy plan not only to curb greenhouse gas emission and global warming, but also to stimulate job growth as well.

See - lowering our standard of living, higher jobless rates and inflation is a good thing, according to the man who is so smart he couldn't keep his pants from falling down around his ankles and his wife catching him time and time again from having extramarital affairs.

Why, President Bush is doing exactly what Clinton says we should do, bring our economy to a grinding halt. So why are the Dems so critical of the economy?

I wonder if Wolfed Blitzer will ask Queen Hillapatra in Thursday night's Democrat Debate if a faltering economy is a good thing? Oh, it must be - Bill Clinton knows everthing.


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