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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bhutto Suspects Confess To Role In Murder

Well, another conspiracy theory purported by the Insane Liberal Clown Posse proven false. The ILCP were certain that Bush and Musharraf planned Bhutto's assassination. Well, so much for that.

From BBC News:

    Two men arrested in connection with the murder of ex-Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto have confessed to helping her attacker, police have said.

    The head of the investigation, Chaudhry Abdul Majid, said they had confessed to giving a bomb vest and a pistol to the suicide bomber identified as Bilal.

    Husnan Gul and his cousin, Rufukat, made their confessions in front of a magistrate in Rawalpindi, he added.

    Last week, UK detectives said Bhutto died from the effect of the bomb blast.

    Their account matched that of the Pakistani authorities, who were accused of a cover-up by Bhutto's party following her death on 27 December.

    The report also said the evidence suggested that only one person had launched the attack at the election rally, not two, as had been speculated.


    "They have confessed that they gave a suicide jacket and a pistol to the bomber," he told reporters in Islamabad. "Their confession is a major piece of evidence in the case."


    [The] two men had told a Pakistani magistrate in Rawalpindi that on the eve of the attack, two suicide bombers named Bilal and Ikramullah had stayed at Mr Gul's home in Rawalpindi.


    Ikramullah was to have detonated his suicide bomb vest if Bhutto escaped the first blast, according to the confessions.

Of course don't expect this development to be covered by the Moonbats who blogged that Benazir Bhutto's death was concocted by Bush and Musharraf. Why, that would mean they would have to admit their conspiracy theory didn't hold water to begin with and, sadly, conspiracies is all these Retarded Rabid LiberNazis have.

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