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Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Think That's Cold?

It's Saturday night as I write this, but the timestamp is for Sunday, January 20th.

The temperature in the Twin Cities is somewhere around zero Fahrenheit - plus or minus a couple degrees...mostly minus.

The windchill is anywhere between -15 to -25 below zero.

The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships are carrying on as usual.

It's -12 - and that doesn't include windchill - in International Falls, MN.

Life doesn't come to a grinding halt just because it gets cold.

So...where the hell is Albert Gore, Junior - the Global Warming Alarmist and Huckster when you need him? Hey Al, tell us a long, boring and sad story about how the earth is warming - all at the hands of humans - and how it's simply irreversible and unless we "do something" it will to "too late"?

The United Nations is set to discuss so-called "global warming" at a conference in Hawaii on January 30 - 31. Huh - I wonder why the UN doesn't want to hold their meeting in Minnesota? Maybe UN Secretary General Ben Wa doesn't want to freeze his balls off?

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