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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's The Deal With Cloverfield?

Have you seen the trailers or the television commercials for the movie "Cloverfield"? What's the deal with this film? Has anyone seen a sneak preview of it and can clue me in?

It's a monster-attacks-New York City movie, right? And the cinematography is in the same spirit of "Blair Witch Project" which, in my opinion, is one of the the worst films ever made - and I don't say that because of the shaky-jerky style of camera work. "Blair Witch" fails on so many levels that I would have to devote a separate post to it and that's something I'm not going to do.

So - who's seen Cloverfield? Is the monster actually shown? Do you get some good looks at it?

UPDATE: Okay...I went HERE and read a bunch of reviews. All I can say now is my desire to see "Cloverfield" has been halved. And don't click on that link if you don't want to be informed of "spoilers".

UPDATE 2: Someone please tell me that "Cloverfield" is NOT some type of a Transformer. Jeebus H. KeeRighst!

UPDATE 3: Uh...so Cloverfield is a Sea Monster?!

The Blair Witch Project was truely awful. Long before the end of the movie, I just wanted all the characters to be dead. May the producer of that fetid pile of dung fries spend all of eternity engaged in post sex small talk with the Syphilitic Old Swamp Cow.
Well clue me in when you figure this out - it will end up one of those things we say "d'uh" over.....lol!

Happy new year my friend!
I agree Molson - half-way thru "Blair" I was cheering for the witch to kill the cast of characters off so I could leave. Easily one of the worst movies ever made.
Hi Layla. Will do - and if you see it before I do, if you plan to, let me know what the deal is with it.

Happy New Year to you and yours, too! I'm afraid I haven't had time to visit all those wonderful blogs on my blogroll as frequently as I'd like - but I did manage to stop by your place for a visit yesterday. Stay in touch! Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always.
My [informed] guess is that Cloverfield is a mess that relies on hype in leiu of product. This thing has been out of the can and in rework for 2+ years now, a grindhouse feature that was overfunded from the get-go and just doesn't know where to start or stop, probably wose than 'Doom Generation' with a much bigger budget that the invstors are demanding screen time for the dollars lost.
In rework for 2+ years? That does not speak good about a movie. I heard or read where its only 80 minutes long.

I'll probably see it when the crowd dies down a bit. I may as well since I've read the spoilers and it really can't disappoint me.

Hows the post-operative foot surgery comin' along? You ready to hit all the bars in downtown Mpls?
And I had hopes for the flick, just wait till it hits sunday afternoon on the couch cable. Foot's good, busy week this week then off to Texas for a week (work gig) but after that I'm open. Doesn't have to be downtown, any watering hole is good by me...
Well you will be on the receiving end of warmer weather down in Texas, so that's a plus!

The mining for satire of Cloverfield is endless. A giant - well, bigger than she already is - Rosie O'Donnell stomping all over NYC and crushing the buildings in her search for more Krispy Kreme donuts. Michael Moore leveling Detroit in his search for Entenmann's donuts. Joy Behar's hips bringing skyscrapers down to street level while searching for hair coloring.

Damn....these things write themselves.
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