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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Vote For Hillary, She's Not The Anti-Christ

There was so much in the news during the Christmas and New Year Week that I didn't make time to note them all, but this item - the video of Hillary Clinton MrsSatan being endorsed by her mother - takes the cake.

"Vote for my daughter, she's really not the Anti-Christ."

How many times do you think Mrs. Rodham was waterboarded before she agreed to appear in the video? I wonder if they had to pay her?


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But Hirrary Crinton is the anti-Christ.
Really...'ya think?

Do you know Kid Rock?
Obviously her mother is not an actress... which is fine... but do you note the slight look of complete fright on her face. She looks like somewhere off stage her daughter is holding a large board with holes and slapping it down on her palm.

"If you don't say what I want... mom... I'll spank you like I spank Bill when he's being a bad boy; which is every moment of every day!"
Hi Bug - yes, exactly what you note. I'm surprised that she hasn't dragged out her mom to be on one side of her and Chelsea on the other.
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