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Monday, January 21, 2008

One Hit News

France's oldest World War I Veteran dies, 110 years old. BBC:

    Louis de Cazenave, who fought in the Battle of the Somme in 1916, died in his sleep at his home in Brioude, central France, his son Louis said.

    Mr de Cazenave's death leaves Lazare Ponticelli, also 110, as the last "poilu", or French WWI veteran.


    He was one of the 8.5 million young Frenchmen mobilised to fight the German occupation.


    He is now one of a handful of known World War I veterans left in any of the warring nations.

- - - - -
Another study critical of cellular telephones. Radiation from mobile phones delays and reduces sleep, and causes headaches and confusion, according to a new study. The Independent:

    The findings are especially alarming for children and teenagers, most of whom – surveys suggest – use their phones late at night and who especially need sleep. Their failure to get enough can lead to mood and personality changes, ADHD-like symptoms, depression, lack of concentration and poor academic performance.

- - - - -
Want something? Well, it appears that after deciding you want it, you have to wait for it and ask the Universe for it. Canyon News:
- - - - -

Norwegian "cave man" now living in nursing home refuses to bathe, creating a stinky mess for those around him. Aftenposten:

    A 54-year-old Norwegian man who once lived in a cave and refuses to wash is now creating a health risk at an Oslo nursing home, claim its operators. A local court has ruled, however, that he can't be forced to keep himself clean.

    A lawyer for the so-called "cave man" (long known as hulemannen in Oslo) told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Friday that his client was "relieved and very satisfied" by the court ruling in his favour.

    "He has waited a long time, and can now finally decide over his own body," lawyer Nils Nordhus told NRK.


    He moved into a cave near the tramway tracks running adjacent to the University of Oslo's campus at Blindern. He also spent several years living in a pile of garbage near the Blindern tram stop, and authorities pretty much let him be.

    Now 54, and suffering from the effects of his chosen lifestyle, he needs medical care. He was admitted to a public nursing home in Oslo's St Hanshaugen district and staff there forced him to wash.

    The 54-year-old adamantly objected to his forced washings and sued the city, which runs the nursing home. He won, with the court saying the city can't care for him against his will.

    Nursing home officials maintain that he still poses a risk of infection for other residents and staff of the nursing home, and that sores on his limbs must be cleaned and treated.

In the U.S. we would call someone like this a knuckle-dragging Progressive.
- - - - -
Norway's "cradle to grave" socialized healthcare is failing. Aftenposten:

    Norwegians have complained for years over the long waiting lists they face for care at local hospitals. Now a new report shows that care for the elderly is far from sufficient in what's widely billed as one of the world's wealthiest countries.

    A survey of 80,000 elderly persons living in 162 Norwegian townships indicated that only those with the most serious medical ailments and disabilities received a room in a nursing home.

This could never ever ever never happen with Hillary-Obama-Edwards healthcare, though, could it? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
- - - - -
DWI in Norway? You may be sentenced to chopping wood. Aftenposten:

    A millionaire real-estate magnate and art dealer from Setesdal in southern Norway has been fined NOK 425,000 (USD 85,000) for drunk driving, and been further required to chop wood for 30 days.


    Kjetil Uleberg, 55, had enjoyed an evening with his friends drinking red wine until past midnight. The next morning, he got into his car to drive to a business meeting. When he was stopped by the police, he was required to take a breath test, which showed him to have a blood alcohol level of 0.7. The legal limit in Norway is 0.2.

0.2? That's gargling with Listerine, isn't it?
- - - - -
Cops bust mom who left unattended child in car for 45 seconds. via LA Daily News:

    I left my cell phone on my coffee table. I pulled up to the back of our home in the ally (our front door is 25 feet from the ally) and ran into the house to retrieve it and left him in the car with the doors locked and windows up. I was gone for LITERALLY about 45 seconds and returned to the car and sped off.


    ...the Santa Monica Police Dept shows up at my door letting me know that they had a report called in for child neglect and they had to investigate us and child protective service would be involved.


    I was given a notice type citation and had to call the SGT of the Santa Monica police Dept and plead my case. After review they have decided to not file a report and send it into Social Services. I just want you all to know you never know who is watching and that small errand in the store or that quick trip back into the house or post office, coupled with someone who has nothing better to do is a dangerous combination. All they need is a license plate number to track you down and scare the !@#$ out of you.

Thank goodness for the people who have "nothing better do to," for they are our role models. They are the ones who are busily promoting outlawing cigarette smoking outdoors. Ahhhhh - Socialism comes full circle. "It's for the children...", there's no telling what could have happened in those 45 seconds. Suddenly parents feel the sting of the Nanny State. I can only laugh.
- - - - -
Actress Suzanne Pleshette has died. BBC:

    Suzanne Pleshette, best known for playing the wife in 1970s sitcom The Bob Newhart Show, has died.

    Pleshette was nominated for four Emmy Awards over 30 years and also appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's film The Birds.


    She was 70 years old and died of respiratory failure at her Los Angeles home.


    Pleshette provided the voice of reason amid the eccentricity of The Bob Newhart Show from 1972-77, earning two Emmy nominations for best TV comedy actress.

    She also won acclaim for playing property tycoon Leona Helmsley in a TV movie in 1990.

From Bloomberg News:

    In 1990, Pleshette reprised that role in Bob Newhart's second television series, ``Newhart,'' in which he played a Vermont innkeeper. Pleshette appeared in the last scene of the series' last episode.

    The ending, called one of the five most memorable moments in TV history by TV Guide, was suggested by Newhart's real-life wife. In the scene, Newhart awakens in bed with a woman. It's not immediately apparent to viewers, but he's playing Bob Hartley, his former psychologist character.

    ``Honey, honey, wake up,'' he says. ``You won't believe the dream I just had.''

    The light turns on and instead of it being Mary Frann -- his wife in the second series -- it's Pleshette in her role as his wife from the first sitcom.

    ``I was an innkeeper in this crazy little town in Vermont,'' he says. ``The maid was an heiress; her husband talked in alliteration; the handyman kept missing the point of things; and then there were these three woodsmen.''

    ``That settles it. No more Japanese food before you go to bed,'' Pleshette answers.

I had a major crush on Suzanne Pleshette during Newhart's run...
She was a good looking woman. Not my type as she was around 35 yrs older than me, but she was attractive.

The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart - two of the best TV shows ever.
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