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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

One Hit News

Six dead, to date, from attack on Kabul Hotel. ABC News
- - - - -
Biofuels are not a 'magic bullet'. BBC

    Biofuels may play a role in curbing climate change, says Britain's Royal Society, but may create environmental problems unless implemented with care.


    There are also concerns that widespread planting and use of biofuel crops would threaten natural ecosystems and raise food prices.

- - - - -
Cracking jokes out of irritability about having a bomb in an airport is not looked upon as humorous. Courthouse News Service:

    Running late for her connecting flight to Port Hardy, Barbara A. Levin tried to check her bag of SCUBA gear at the gate at the Los Angeles International Airport. But because the dive bag would not fit through the airport security x-ray machine, she walked through the metal detector with it, opened it and told screener Ralph Lopez, "Look, no bomb. No gun. No knife. I'm going to the gate."


    [Levin] threw up her hands, rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, right. It's a bomb."


    Levin, a former prosecutor in Illinois, filed a complaint against the airline, the city and various airport personnel claiming civil rights violations. A jury ruled against her on all nine causes of action, and a trial court ordered her to pay $35,000.

Good for the jury. What the hell was this woman thinking? Idiot!
- - - - -

Does Hillary Clinton have a Messiah complex? Mens News Daily
- - - - -
The UK moves ahead with new nuclear energy construction. Ohmy News:

    The French company EDF plans to build four nuclear plants in the U.K. by 2017. Chief executive Vincent De Rivaz told The Times of London, "We have made it clear that once the right frameworks are in place, we will be in a position to move fast, move first and move safe."

    Another French company, Areva, said it was interested in building six nuclear power plants in Britain capable of generating 15 percent of the U.K.'s electricity.

- - - - -
Denmark still feels repercussions from the 2005 Mohammed cartoons. Copenhagen Post:

    Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, former foreign minister and leader of the Liberal Party, and Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that became world-famous after publishing a series of Mohammed cartoons, are in a war of words over the commissioning of the drawings.

    Ellemann-Jensen, in a series of radio shows to be aired on public broadcaster DR, accused the newspaper of having commissioned caricatures of the prophet, thereby making a conscious attempt to throw mud on the religious views of Muslims.

    Flemming Rose, Jyllands-Posten's cultural editor, denied the allegation and claimed that he had commissioned artists to draw the prophet as they perceived him.

- - - - -
15-year old boy admits to posting threatening You Tube video that closed down his school. Aftenposten

    State police quickly pegged the threatening video to the teenager and tracked him down at his home in Lørenskog during the night. He in turn admitted being behind the video that predicted there would be a "massacre" at his school on Monday.

- - - - -
Woman finds mouse foot in jar of pickles. Ananova News:

    Lenka Komparova contacted the Health Ministry as she prepared to sue the company producing the food.


    Ministry spokeswoman Vivijan Potocnik said: "It is completely normal in big factories to have mice wandering around, and yes, every now and then they get caught amongst the machines and do get bottled, seasoned, preserved and even make it in one piece to consumers.

    "Although not very pleasant to see, however, they pose no health threat at all.


    A mice-foot therefore could be classified as a special additive to the pickles."

An additive...?
- - - - -

On your last visit to your clinic, did you ask your doctor, nurse or other health care professional if they washed their hands? The Independent:

    The Health Service Executive (HSE) said it is urging patients to ask their healthcare workers if they have cleaned their hands before treating them.

    In a bid to tackle the spread of MRSA and other infections, the hand hygiene message will be published in newspapers and broadcast on TV and radio adverts from today.

- - - - -
The Smurfs turn 50! AFP

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