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Sunday, January 13, 2008

One Hit News

New survey puts number of Iraqi dead at 151,000 (BBC) which is a far, far cry from the George Soros funded Lancet study that vastly inflated the number of Iraqi dead at over 650,000.

    One of the biggest surveys so far of Iraqis who have died violently since the US-led invasion of 2003 has put the figure at about 151,000.


    The survey authors say they are confident in the general level of accuracy of the answers they received because they had a high response rate, and because the answers from other questions in their survey were consistent with information they already had.


    The best-known casualty tracker is the independent Iraq Body Count. It says it prefers to err on the side of caution, counting only confirmed deaths. The toll it gave for up to June 2006 was under 50,000.

    It now gives a range of 80,381 - 87,792.

- - - - -
Finnish police confiscate 60 cannabis plants from a man who calls himself "The Prophet." Newsroom Finland
- - - - -
Police nab "Pocket Man" pedophile who is believed to have been assaulting boys for 30 years. Aftenposten:

    [The] man arrested Friday morning is an affluent father of two in his mid-50s. His arrest was based on DNA analysis.


    The suspect is known for cutting holes in his trouser pocket and then asking young boys to help him get something out of his pocket.

    Instead, the unsuspecting boys would end up touching the man's sexual organ. While many would manage to run away, police now report that in some of the assaults, the so-called "Pocket Man" would force the boys to perform oral sex on him.

- - - - -
Tougher penalties considered for crimes committed using a knife. Copenhagen Post:

    Under current legislation, carrying a knife with a blade longer than 7cm merely incurs a fine of up to DKK 5000 (EUR 666) for the first offence.

    Espersen's proposal comes on the heels of a brutal stabbing incident that took the life of 19-year-old on Copenhagen's busiest pedestrian area last weekend after he apparently refused to give up his hat to three assailants.

- - - - -
The elderly are forgotten in the Philippines. Manila Times:

    Poor, sick, undernourished, under­medicated are very many of the about 6 million Filipinos who are 60 years old and older.


    “...among Asians, the Chinese, Japanese, the Indians and the Malays and Indonesians, and the Filipinos—but only up to just some decades ago—a person’s being of age was accorded respect, even veneration. Older people were considered sages and even oracles.”

    That is no longer true today.

- - - - -
Meet the rock band Endise, of which the band members said they are limited in their music by the rules of Islam. Turkish Daily News:

    That alternative New Year celebration was the band's first concert where they introduced their album to a conservative and Islamic audience. The group attracted the attention of Turkish media afterwards.


    Endise is very sensitive to avoid playing in places where alcohol is served.

- - - - -
Utah lobbyists gave state legislators and executives nearly $280,000 last year through all kinds of gifts — from Utah Jazz tickets to college sports tickets, Billy Joel and Jon Bon Jovi concerts, nights at the symphony, golf, travel to Florida and even American Express gift cards, an analysis by the Desert Morning News shows. Desert Morning News
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Boulder causes crash in Malibu. Canyon News:

    Early Monday morning a car slammed into a boulder about a mile off of the Pacific Coast Highway. The accident occurred on the 1800th block of South Topanga Canyon.

    The weather may be to blame for this accident. The recent rain may have loosened the soil so much that it brought the big boulder tumbling.

The boulder is in intensive care at a local hospital listed in "stable" condition. Unconfirmed reports say several attorneys are seeking to represent the boulder. The boulder is believed to be unemployed and without any health care coverage - yet another victim of the Bush-Cheney tax-cuts and a lack of health coverage that is the fault of all Republicans and Conservatives.

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