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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama's Fairy Tale Politics

Because it's funny when Democrats Cannibalize Their Own!

Bill Clinton described Osama Hussein Obama's politics as being
"a fairy tale." Access News:

    Former President Bill Clinton, campaigning for his wife Hillary in New Hampshire, called Illinois Senator Barack Obama's politics a "fairy tale" in an attempt to turn voters after Mrs. Clinton's emotional display of tears Monday.


    "Give me a break," said Mr. Clinton. "This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."
    Those remarks were shown on a CNN videotape of former President Clinton's speech Monday afternoon. The pro-Clinton network has worked double time to try and cast Mrs. Clinton in a new light ever since her lip quivered and eyes welled with tears earlier that morning.


    Hillary tried to paint Edwards and Obama with the same brush in an ABC television interview this morning on "Good Morning America" where Mrs. Clinton said, "They are obviously in some kind of a buddy system here, and that's fine. For both Senator Edwards and Obama, they've been given pretty much a free ride - but the free ride ends."

Yeah...the Clintons talking about a "free ride." That's rich...creamy, chocolaty, nougaty rich. No one in American political history has had the free ride that both Clintons have received. Well, maybe except Albert Gore, Junior.

I'd like to know why no reporter has asked her about the multiple-sourced stories of her use of the "N-Word" and anti-Semitic rantings? Do you think - that maybe for a second - if it were a Republican accused of using these offensive terms they would escape questioning?

The Clinton War Machine is gearing up, closing in on full speed. The mud and feces is going to fly. Hillary is not getting out of the race. She is in it until Super Tuesday and even possibly afterward.


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