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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Muslims Want "Ham" Removed From
New Hampshire

Breaking news...

Unconfirmed reports that members of extreme Muslim fundamentalist groups are insisting that the letters 'h-a-m' be removed from the name New Hampshire.

"We find the word 'ham' is insulting and disrespectful to Islam. All spelling and references to this state which includes the word 'ham' must cease and desist immediately," said Ali Jim McJim-al Habeeb, spokesperson for CAIR, which stands for Can't Anger Islamo-Radicals.

Liberals and Progressives in New Hampshire broke several legs and arms as they raced into action, eager to capitulate and appease to this request.



Oh damn. Now the next thing is that their going to have to rewrite "Green Eggs and Ham". Dr. Suess is going to be pissed. Maybe the ACLU can do something. Oh wait. Sorry. My bad :-(
No, you are Spot On!
Oooo. I just noticed my bad spelling. Well it's worse than that. It's bad grammar. Well it's just bad. 'Their' should be 'they're'. Now Dr. Seuss really is pissed. Fortunately, the ACLU is on my side. Fecking up the English language is a constitutional right. Yay.
The book has already been renamed "Green Eggs and Hate Crime."
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