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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Liberals: Wealthy Progressives Good;
Wealthy Conservatives Bad

Let's see now, I think I have this "Liberal Logic" - (bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha, oh, Rolling on the floor laughing, spittle flying from my mouth; ouch my side hurts so much from laughing) - right:

Wealthy businessman and "corporatist" Liberal Ned Lamont is good.
Wealthy businessman and "corporatist" György Schwartz is good.

Wealthy businessman and "corporatist" Mitt Romney is bad.
Wealthy businessman and "corporatist" Richard Mellon Scaife is bad.

Three-times married Rudy Giuliani is some kind of legitimate political issue.
Three-times married Dennis Kookcinich is fine and dandy.

George Allen uses the word "macaca" and he's a racist of the worst kind.
Hillary Clinton uses the words "nigger" and "Jew bastard" and no one - no one mentions it or dares ask her about it.

President George W. Bush and his Administration "spies" on Americans.
President Bill Clinton and his Administration use a global surveillance program called Echelon to spy on Americans and the Left says nothing.

The National Organization of Women freaks out about what Chris Matthews said about Hillary Clinton.
But The National Organization of Women is deafeningly silent about a multitude of allegations by women that they were sexually
harassed - and at least one allegation by Juanita Brodderick that she was raped - by Bill Clinton.

The Left asks why the Bush daughters aren't "serving in Iraq."
Al "Druggy" Gore, III is not asked why he isn't serving in Iraq. (Well, he's too busy doing drugs).

Yeah, I think I have this "Liberal Logic" thing down pretty good. It's called unparalleled hypocrisy.


Come on now DD. Big fat Buttery Bill didn't rape anyone. They were asking for it. Just ask Bill. He'll tell you... and he didn't have sex with that woman either. The moon really is made of cheese too. BwaHahahahaha!
It really never ceases to amaze me at how the Left can be so blatant and trasparent in their hypocrisy.

Hey, if that moon is made of cheese someone better tell Al Gore, cuz if it is, then it must be due to global warming.
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