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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Liberals And Progressives Will
Kill Obama's Candidacy

Osama Hussein Obama should be easy to beat in the general election should the Democrat nominee not be won stolen by Hillary Clinton MrsSatan.

His inexperience in domestic and foreign policies can be accurately exploited as being non-existent.

Let's reintroduce a word the Liberals used to describe George W. Bush almost eight years ago. Obama has no "gravitas", none.

Hussein Obama's main experience in the Illinois State Senate was dealing with such critical matters as...driver's license issues, snow emergency routes and no-parking zones. Quite the resume to hold up for scrutiny when seeking the White House, don't you think?

But the critical mass who will not vote for Hussein Obama is the Liberals and Progressives because they are racists, the most virulent, closet-racists on the planet.

Democrats are not racists, but the Libs and Progs wing of the party most is, and they won't vote for someone who isn't white.

The Fringe Left, the Libs and Progs I called closet-racists, aren't supporting Obama - he's not Liberal enough for them. They support the Garden Gnome Dennis Kookcinich. Or they are supporting John The Sissy Edwards because he offers the Pie In The Sky Cradle To Grave Government Will Take Care of You mentality that the Fringe Left is so desperately in love with.

Obama will be easier to beat in November for almost any Republican candidate than would be Clinton or Edwards. And he'll be easy to beat because the Far Left will unravel to the point of their intra-political hatred for his race. The Republican party won't have to lift a finger to "take down" Obama, the Liberals and Progressive closet-racists within the Democrat party will do it for them.

Obama's candidacy has nowhere to go but down, all at the hands of the Liberals and Progressives who would most adamantly deny that they are racists.

The racists inhabiting the Liberal and Progressive Wing could never bring themselves to vote for
Douglass Dillman. Never.


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