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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iraq Parties Like It's 1999

I see The New York Times published a story about Iraqis celebrating New Year's Eve. Again, that would be the New York Times, not FOX News or even CNN, who the Kook Lefties whine and cry is a member of the Republican Owned Media.

    BAGHDAD — Firecrackers and machine-gun fire echoed over the capital hours before midnight on Monday as partygoers put aside fears of suicide bombers and gunmen to bring in the new year.

    Young men in fashionably ripped jeans and gelled hair crowded into restaurants and parties, some carrying black plastic bags hiding cans of beer.

    At two of Baghdad’s largest hotels, the Ishtar Sheraton and the Palestine, both scarred by previous bomb attacks, scores of perfumed and bare-headed Iraqi women arrived to celebrate the first New Year’s Eve parties held there since the 2003 invasion.

    They were planning to party until dawn — it was safe enough to celebrate, but not to go home in the middle of the night.

    “People feel safer now because of the improved security,” said Mustafa Abdullah, the night manager of the Ishtar Sheraton. “In the old days, they would have gone home normally at 3 a.m. or 4 a.m., but now they will either stay until the party ends or take a room for the night.”

    Odeh Fadhel, a popular Iraqi singer, was glad to take the stage again after his engagements thinned during the postwar years.

    “All life stopped, not just for artists,” he said. “Things have started to get better, but the difference now is that we don’t have clubs or theaters as places to hold parties. But we can still work in hotels.”

And again, the above story is about celebrating New Year's Eve in Baghdad. Baghdad, mind you.

I guess Liberals and Progressives would prefer that such outrageous displays of freedom and democracy not be allowed. The good old days of Iraq torture chambers and rape rooms is what the Left prefers.

I think it'd be great to ring in New Year's Eve by stepping outside or onto your deck or balcony and fire off a few clips from a machine gun and let loose with fireworks.



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