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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Predictions

Two-way statistical dead heat between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, with Rudy Giuliani in Third place, a 3-6 point margin behind Romney and Huck.

Dark Horse: Fred Thompson.

Osama Hussein Obama wins Dem side by thin margin, John The Sissy Edwards a close second, Hillary Clinton MrsSatan not a distant third.

Dark Horse: None. Well, the Dark Horse of the Dems is Dennis Kookcinich, but his bid for the White House is going nowhere, not this time, not next time around, not the time after that. He'll never be more than a Congressman - not that there's anything wrong with that - but he's a lifelong, long-term career politician, something the Left tells us we need less of in Washington D.C. So he's really more of the Dem's Dead Horse than a Dark Horse.

Now remember, I almost never make predictions.


UPDATE: It appears that when I published this post I had set the date as January 23. Let the record show that this has been corrected and changed to January 3.


Pretty good accuracy. You nailed the Demo side, anyway.
Well....thanks Alan. I the Dem order of winners but Obama won by more than a thin margin and Hillary was pretty much a distant third - I thought she would be closer.

I am probably one of the worst predictors around. One sure way to make some extra cash is to ask me who I think is going to win any sporting event or game. Then BET the EXACT OPPOSITE of my prediction and you should be making some nice cash! heh.

Good to hear from you as always. Happy New Year!
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