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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary Says al-Qaeda
Watching U.S. Election

A splendid moment of "Duh!" on the part of Hillary Clinton MrsSatan.

From AFP:

    DOVER, New Hampshire (AFP) — Hillary Clinton on Monday warned that Al-Qaeda watched US elections, urging Americans not to risk electing an inexperienced president, in her latest implicit swipe at rival Barack Obama.

    In one of her most overt plays of the national security card yet, the senator from New York noted that days after Gordon Brown became British Prime Minister, militants planted bombs which failed to explode.

    "I don't think it was by accident that Al-Qaeda decided to test the new prime minister," Clinton said here, referring to two devices which did not go off in London and a car which was crashed into Glasgow airport in June.

    "They watch our elections as closely as we do ... they play our allies."

Hillary plays the Fear Card...yet again.

No doubt any Republican would come under fire from Liberals and Progressives saying that an inexperienced president could entice another September 11-like attack by al-Qaida. Of course, MrsSatan will receive no criticism from the Liberal and Progressive Far Left Fringe. Keith Olberwiener, Wolf Blitzer and other toadies will remain dutifully and obediently silent, good little Sheep that they are.



And there ain't no doubt that Ladin had rather see Clinton elected than one of the GOP candidates..
Yeah Guy, I think all the Islamo Terrorists are supporting the Dems this year like they did in 2006 and 2004. The terrorists support the Dems cuz they know the Dems are soft and cowardly.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, Guy. Happy New Year!
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