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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Devil Rises In New Hampshire,
or What The Next Move Will Be
From The Clinton Crime Family

The Devil Came To New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton MrsSatan is in a groove.

Look for the Clinton War Machine - now newly helmed by cue-ball, inbred redneck James Carvile and longtime Clinton toady and dirty-trickster Paul Begala - to shift into full throttle in taking Osama Hussein Obama's candidacy out at the kneecaps.

The Devil has risen and it happened in New Hampshire. People there can still smell the sulfur.


Will somebody get a stick? Some asshole took a huge Begala and the toilet's all stuffed up now. Sheeze.
Sounds like a job for Super Duper Toilet Plunger Man or...maybe a job for the Rectal Thermometer of the World?
You should check out this site, which purports that Obama is the Antichrist!

Obama Bin Sama the antichrist? I don't think so. He's more like Jimmy Carter II which I find that to be far more disturbing. Wasn't Bush or Cheney suppose to be the antichrist? I guess not. Now the Haliburton Evil Ray is for real. Hillary's come from behind victory in NH? You got it. The Haliburton Evil Ray did it. Why you ask? Because it is so evil, it will even help Hillary get elected.
I dunno Voice - obama the anti-Christ? I think that Crown is and always has belonged to Hillary.

I did ck out the site. I wish there was more to it.
Molson, sounds like we gotta stop the evil ray from helping Hillary. We need Richard Nixon to lead this mission. He's not dead, his death was faked. He and Cheney are the ones actually running the country. ;-)
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