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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Catching Up On Saturday Night's Debate

I am exhausted from presidential politics. Saturday night I watched NHL Hockey - the Wild vs Nashville (and I don't know how the Wild managed to lose to the inferior Nashville) - on television, but between periods and commercials I tuned in to some of the ABC Television's Republican and Democrat Debate.

Mitt Romney looked rather desperate at times, going on the attack against John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee was pumped up and, in the first part of the Republican debate, maintained a hyper-inflated exuberance about his candidacy. Later on, he floated back down to earth, his pomposity and gloating from winning Iowa slowly deflating. Really, haven't we had enough of the White House being occupied by both a Governor of Arkansas and from the town of Hope?

Rudy Giuliani did a damn fine job in the Saturday night debate. He was articulate, he was specific in his answers and - most importantly - he showed that of all the Republican candidates, he alone grasps the big picture of protecting America from terrorism and terrorist attacks. John McCain get this too, but he doesn't articulate it as well as Rudy.

Fred Thompson did a good job, I would like to see his candidacy increase in popularity.

John McCain also did a very good job. But I can not support him. He's sided with the enemy Liberals one too many times during his tenure as a Senator.

Ron Paul is an intelligent man, but like his Bizarro World Counterpart on the Dem side, Dennis Kookcinich - Paul is not someone who can win the White House. He just can't - sorry to all you Ron Paulites out there.

Rudy sounded, looked and acted the most presidential. I'm not endorsing Rudy...yet...he too has a background of leaning Left of Center on issues such as the Second Amendment.

All the Republican candidates came across as professional, something I cannot say about the Dem debate.

John Edwards looked tired and like a zombie, except when responding to a question he suddenly came alive. Maybe he was on timed-release dosages of Meth? As is his usual, Edwards went into sudden rapid eye blinking whenever he was speaking and we know that rapid eye blinking can often be a sign of lying.

You can tell Osama Hussein Obama has spent a lot of time watching old video and film footage of Bill Clinton. Obama patterns his physical movements - articulating with his hands, the way he holds his head - exactly like Bill Clinton. This is Obama's subtle attempt to convince Dems, Libs and Progs that he is the real "black" Bill Clinton. Obama is a poser and posturer.

Hillary Clinton...well, she was he usual, typical fake phony self pretending to be whatever the nano-second required of her. This woman is just a disgusting political figure and an untrustworthy human being in general. How anyone can support her or identify with her is nothing but the work of Satan. I'm not kidding. All she needs is a little black mustache, a goose-step and a Sieg Heil to complete the transformation. And apparently someone walked Chelsea out of the horse stables and planted her as an audience member considering the numerous reaction shots that cut away to feature Chelsea's horse-like visage.

Bill Richardson's performance impressed me, though I would never, ever vote for him. When he spoke of lowering the U.S. flag to half-mast in honoring a fallen Soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan in the state of New Mexico, he was very emotional; I thought almost tearing up. I think Richardson is a smart man who, as Governor, is hitting his stride and honing his politics, which is also what I think he totally lacked as a toadying Yes Man in the Clinton Administration.

I'm not impressed with, or ready to endorse, any Republican candidate. The Dem candidates are so vile, their pathological allegiance to Stalinism and Socialism is so repugnant, that I would never, ever vote for them. They are enemy, make no mistake about it.


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