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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Johnson and Johnson does "WHAT" with every rectal thermometer?!?!? 123Beta
- - - - -
Here's a must-read item for all those Liberals and Progressives that think socialized medicine is the cat's meow: if you're gay and Canadian, forget about being an organ donor. No Quarters
- - - - -
Cranky at Balance Sheet found a rare peach of a bumper sticker supporting Hillary Clinton.
- - - - -
The mysterious conspiracy of the Mars Rover and how it keeps on going. Blogonomicon
- - - - -
Fun with the number 55. The War On Guns
- - - - -
Is Guy gettin' close to Hillary Clinton? Charming, Just Charming
- - - - -
The continuing controversy of September 11 Flight 93 and its crescent shaped memorial. Curt at Flopping Aces
- - - - -
- - - - -
The following statements, "Politics do not belong in the Church." "The Church must be separate from the State," sound just like what we hear from Liberals and Progressives. However, those remarks were made by Adolf Hitler. Chester Street
- - - - -
Scuttlebutt, The Media and Dhimmitude. The Hill Chronicles
- - - - -
Gee, it sure seems that Mike Huckabee enjoyed raising taxes as Governor of Arkansas. The Right Place
- - - - -
More updated photos from the Rockies. Hiking Colorado

Thanks for the link David...
Butch, you are welcome, my friend.

That thermometer story just cracks me up. "cracks" - no joke intended....
Thanks for the kind mention David. I appreciate it my friend!
your welcome Layla, it was a fine post, as is your forte!!
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