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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Al Franken Keeps Raising Campaign
Cash From Non-Minnesotans

The excerpt below is from the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune - aka The Star Tribune. The story is titled, "All politics is local? Not in U.S. Senate race," by Pat Doyle, dated January 19, 2008. If this link to the story requires you to subscribe (for free) and you don't want to do that, do a Google search on the title and reporter's name.

    So far, [Al] Franken far outpaces the field in outsider contributions, with 77 percent of his individual donations coming from non-Minnesotans.


    Franken's entertainment industry connections have helped, with actor Tom Hanks, film director Rob Reiner and others among donors. One-fourth of the value of personal contributions to the Franken campaign has come from Californians -- exceeding the total donations from Minnesotans. Beverly Hills ZIP codes alone account for 54 contributions.

I wonder what Al will do in return for all his contributors who don't live in Minnesota? I'm sure they're donating to him because he's such a nice guy (cough, cough, ahem...).


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