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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dave Thune As The Grinch!

The source for the following information is from local Twin Cities popular Conservative Talk Radio host Jason Lewis on his Tuesday, December 4, 2007, program. And I'm sure the audio of what I'm writing below will be available to hear on his podcast page.

Lewis said on his Tuesday program that the City of Saint Paul was planning to hold its holiday (that would be Christmas for those of us who are politically incorrect) party at a fine St. Paul establishment called Fabulous Fern's Bar and Grill.

Apparently, from what Lewis said on his radio program, when St. Paul Council Member Dave "Toothy Grin" Thune (you remember Thune, he's the guy who uses mooring rope as dental floss), received the e-mail of the location for the holiday party, Thune replied via e-mail that he won't be attending the party because the owner of Fabulous Fern's vigorously campaigned against Thune's re-election.

Dave "Toothy Grin" Thune and his Mooring Rope Dental Floss

According to Lewis, Thune's spurn of Fabulous Fern's was quickly joined by fellow St. Paul Council Member Jay Benanav.

Soon...the planning committee for the holiday party was seeking a different establishment at where to hold the party, all on account of crybabies Thune and Benanav.

Uh - I don't have to mention that both Toothy Grin and Benanose are huge, dyed-in-the-wool Uber-Liberals, do I? So much for Liberals being for "the little guy" and for the "small business owner", eh?

One can only imagine the outrage and degree of contempt shown toward a Republican elected official demanding that a party for an entire city council and city employees be relocated because the owner of the establishment campaigned against said Republican official.

I've e-mailed the office of both Thune and Benanav a copy of this post and asked them to respond, especially to defend what in my opinion is childish behavior unbecoming to an elected official.

Are Thune and Benanav the type of people the voters in their respective Wards want representing them? People as petty and vindictive as Thune and Benanav who act like spoiled children because of the location of a city holiday party? Pathetic...simply pathetic.

I will update any response I receive from Toothy Grin Cigarette Smoker Thune and/or Benanav, the guy who resembles the incestuous offspring of Jerry Seinfeld and his sister.

Jay Benanose - the hideous result of an inter-family Seinfeldian incestuous relationship?


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