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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Clinton Library Recipient of Saudi Money


It's a given that the Left always manages to make such a big deal out of the close relationship President George W. Bush has with Saudi Arabia, especially when the Left cooks up their 9-11 Tin Foil Hat Conspiracies. "Why didn't we go to war with Saudi Arabia," they cry, noting that a majority of the 9-11 attackers/homicide-suicide bombers were Saudis.

Well, Lefties (ahem)...aren't you always telling us that we need allies in the Middle East, especially Arab allies? Again, the Left wants to have it both ways on this issue, but that's why I'm here blogging; to call attention to the 24/7/365 hypocrisy of the Democrats, Liberals and Progressives...all euphemisms for "Socialists". But I digress...

The far Left-leaning Washington Post (that would be not FOX News for all you Crypto-Liberals) reports that Saudi Arabia gave about $10 Million for the construction of the Clinton Library And Prostitution Ranch:

    The royal family of Saudi Arabia gave the Clinton facility in Little Rock about $10 million, roughly the same amount it gave toward the presidential library of George H.W. Bush, according to people directly familiar with the contributions.

    The presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has for months faced questions about the source of the money for her husband's presidential library. During a September debate, moderator Tim Russert asked the senator whether her husband would release a donor list. Clinton said she was sure her husband would "be happy to consider that," though the former president later declined to provide a list of donors.


    In response to questions from The Washington Post, the foundation reiterated that it would not discuss specific sizes or sources of donations to honor the commitment it made to donors. But it acknowledged that some of the money Clinton received from the library came from foreign sources.


    A handful of major donors' names to the Clinton library were disclosed in 2004 when a New York Sun reporter accessed a public computer terminal at the library that provided a list of donors. Soon after the article appeared, the list of donors was removed.


    Clinton has been criticized for asking for donations, including from Saudi Arabia, at questionable moments. In an op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal last year, former FBI director Louis J. Freeh said Clinton "hit up [Saudi Arabia's head of state] Prince Abdullah for a contribution to his library" during a meeting in which Freeh wanted Clinton to ask about the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing. Clinton has publicly disputed Freeh's account. (I'll believe Louis Freeh any day before I believe Bubba. - Drake]

    Clinton has also been challenged by members of Congress for accepting a reported $450,000 donation to his library from the former wife of fugitive financier Marc Rich before he granted Rich a pardon for tax evasion in 2001. Neither Clinton nor the Rich family confirmed the donation.

You know...if any Republican politician, let alone one that was the president, had all the funny money contributions, connections and controversy that the Clintons have received over the years - money from Chi-Comms, fugitives, drug dealers, et al. - the Left would treat is as THE MOST SCANDALOUS ISSUE of the century.

But Bubba and Hillary MrsSatan? They get a Free Pass every single time from their fellow Commies, they are exempt from criticism and held to a much lower standard than say...Duke Cunningham.

Surprising? Not no much...not so much.



I wonder how well that Saudi and Chicom bag money mixes? Just ask the Clintons. They'll tell you it mixes just fine in their pockets.
Oh how they love money. I don't think it even matters what form, they can always exchage yen for dollars. I wish both Clintons would just leave us alone, stay out of politics and away from the media, but, we won't see that until they croak. And when Bubba croaks, omg how the Dems will cry and mourn. His funeral will make Reagan's funeral look like one of a homeless wino. It will be "Bubba's Funeral" 365/24/7 times infinity.
I long for that day! I can't wait to take a long, satisfying piss on his grave!
Oh the Libs are going to be even more intolerable when he croaks. It will be like nothing we've ever seen, making the JKF funeral look like a festive circus.
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