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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Christmas

I mentioned just a couple Christmas songs here that I dislike. Commenting on that post was my blog friend the always articulate Dane, and he got me to thinking. Instead of complaining - you know, I do that sometimes here - not too often, but on a rare occasion I will complain...usually about Liberals and Progressives...so instead I'll take a brief break from complaining about the evil Left and as time permits between now and Christmas, I'm going to run a few vids that I find on You Tube of Christmas songs that I enjoy.

I especially would like to thank This Blogger - because what she wrote below is exactly what was said on a documentary that I watched on Elvis a month or two ago. Elvis did not want to record "Blue Christmas" and he kept trying to basically ruin the recording of it:

    Then they sang "Blue Christmas" and Millie told a story I'd never heard. Elvis didn't want to record it so he told everyone to do something silly. Millie started that undulating soprano part. Elvis told her to keep doing it, and she did, for the whole song. When they finished recording it Elvis said "they'll never release it". And now it's the MOST played song on the radio in history

"Blue Christmas" is - in my opinion (and I guess in the opinion of a lot of others, as well) - simply one of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever. The undulating soprano part - that which Elvis unknowingly helped inspire its greatness as opposed to him wanting it to damage the song - is part of why "Blue Christmas" is such a beautiful song.

I'm not a huge Elvis fan by any means. His fans would argue with me, but - and again, music is so very subjective; this is just my opinion - there was nothing all that great or special in his voice. But - and this is the key but - he did what he did so well and so unique and carved a niche out in music that is so wholly owned by him and him alone - one that is so fantastic, that no one - no one - ever came close to imitating him or his style.

The song "Blue Christmas" has been recorded by a wide range of artists; from Billy Idol to 1970s female rock band "Heart", and from Willy Nelson to Joe Perry.

Still - no one does it justice any better than Elvis. No one...

You Tube is removing the Elvis "Blue Christmas" videos faster than ever (those darn copyright owners) - so, if in a day or so the video is yanked, you should be able to find another version, or the same version, re-posted somewhere on You Tube. Just search for it there.


Elvis' version is THE ONLY version I will listen to!
His is the best version. Dean Martin covers it well too and I can listen to it - and others - but Elvis' version, hands down, is indeed the best.
Well they don't call him the King because of his royal bloodline. ANd I miss Dino. I liked a lot of his songs, not just the Christmas ones. (We are indeed within a few years of each other if you remember Dino's TV show.)

And thanks for the idea for a T13. I did a favorites list last year. I think I might do a hate list this week.
Hey Dane -

Yeah, Elvis had his niche and nobody else has ever approached it and prob never will. He had that undefinable charisma.

Boy, I dunno how you keep up with the Thursday 13's - it is yeoman's work for sure. I could never meet those Thur/13 deadlines like you do each and every week, let alone come up with 13 things of so many different topics. Some days its hard for me to think of one or two.

I do remember the Dean Martin tv show, or at least the last couple seasons of it. My mom and dad never missed it. He had a great voice and such a casual approach that made watching it fun, even if I didn't get all the innuendo and double entendres.

Take care. Always great to hear from you.
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