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Friday, November 02, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church Nailed
With Almost $11 Million Judgment

Al Snyder is the father of Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder. Matthew was killed in Iraq's Anbar province. The Westboro Baptist Church Cult protested outside of Snyder's funeral in March, 2006, shouting their usual messages of hate and carrying their usual picket signs inscribed with hate slogans.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Baltimore awarded $10.9 Million dollars to Al Snyder who had sued the Westboro Cult for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Cult leader, Fred Phelps said of the judgment, "This will elevate me to something important.This was an act of futility." He added, the case was about "putting a preacher on trial for what he preaches."

That's right Fred, it was about putting a preacher cult leader on trial for what he preaches. You preach a message of hatred and you have been found guilty of hate speech by a jury of your peers.

I've written about the Cult in the past. They are a small in number group of church cult members who are mentally disturbed and unstable; they are Haters, pure and simply. Their actions and speech is motivated by hatred, nothing more. No so-called "church" could be further away from Jesus' words of "Love Thy Neighbor" as is the Westboro Baptist Cult.

Fred thinks the judgment will be reversed? Perhaps...perhaps. I'm not a betting man or a prognosticator, but I would say he's wrong. If he's lucky, maybe the judgment will be reduced in amount. But I don't think Al Snyder cares about the money. Like any parent who loses a son or a daughter, he'd give it all up - and then some - to have their child back.

The judgment against the Westboro Baptist Cult is about sending a message. The judgment sets a precedent that the hate speech spewed by Phelps and his cult will not be tolerated. Nothing will hurt the Westboro Baptist Cult more than silencing them.



Westboro Craptist losers. I hope the judgement stands. I hope they are financially raped and sodomized. They got what they deserved. Why don't they just put on their Nikes and drink the Koolaide already? They've violated the planet for far too long.
I too hope they have to shell out the $11 Mill and then drink the Jim Jones kool aid!
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