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Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Futile Suggestion For Veterans Day

Spend some time on Sunday, Veterans Day, perusing the Liberal blogs and websites.

Grab a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and jot down - keep track - of how many Liberal sites publish any remembrance or recognition that today is Veterans Day.

My guess is that your pen won't run out of ink, your pencil won't become dulled and your piece of paper won't get used up.

No - Veterans Day won't be noted by many or most Liberal Blogs. They're too busy hating America and spitting on the Military to bother honoring those that have fought for their right to hate America and spit on the Military.

They are today's Liberals, and honoring the Men and Women who serve and served in the Military is nothing but an exercise in contempt and hatred.


Linking Here:


That's a great idea!

I'm gonna follow your suggestion and post the result...

Besides kos, huffington and dem underground what other sites would you recommend monitoring?
Oh boy, off the top of my head:


Think Progress


Glenn Greenwald

Atrios (Eschaton)

Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo)

Crooks and Liars

Smirking Chimp

maybe Michael Moore's official site


----- I think those are the biggies as well as a couple moderate sized Lib blogs.

It you wanna go beyond that, I think you can find lists of liberal blogs linked to at more of those sites.

I'll check your site tomorrow or Monday and link to what you've found!

Good luck!
OH OH OH OH OH -----

And Fire Dog Lake by that f*cking bitch Jane "Hamster". She is the textbook definition of "vile".

I'll eat my socks if she has anything mentioning Veterans Day
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