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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Woodstock Concert Museum:
D.C. Has Plenty of Money

This is another fine example of Washington D.C. having far too much money to spend. Oddly, good folks like Rev. Gisher and DaveAwayFromHome sometimes tell me - in exchanging comments - that we taxpayers don't pay enough in taxes. They reason, that if one wants a good government, then the taxpayer should be willing to pay for it.

So along comes U.S.A Today reporting that $1 Million in Federal Funds is available to help build a Woodstock Concert Museum:

    Days after a Senate committee approved $1 million for a Woodstock concert museum, the project's Republican billionaire backer and his family contributed $29,200 to help the Democrats who requested the money, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer.

    It's neither illegal nor unusual for contributors to benefit from congressionally directed spending known as earmarks. But the timing of the June donations is grist for critics who see a link between legislative pet projects and campaign money.

    "If you don't help their campaign, they're not going to be as friendly with the earmarks next time," said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who will seek to amend a spending bill this week to redirect the Woodstock money to educate homeless children.


    The New York senators put their names jointly on all their earmark requests, but Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines said that this one came through Schumer's office. Of the donations, he said, "One thing had nothing to do with the other."

Oh, the money for MrsSatan reached her via the office of Cluck Schumer and we are told, about the campaign contributions that, "one thing had nothing to do with the other." My, my - of course not. Cluck is the most ethical member in the Senate. No one should be surprised that money for Clinton came to her via Cluck's office. I'm shocked that Reines even made the statement, considering how both MrsSatan and Cluck are so very moral, so ethical, so bereft of donor influence.

Has Cluck ever fully answered and accounted for his role when his staffers
illegally obtained the Credit Report of Michael Steele? It all starts from the Top Down, as the Libs like to say about Bush. Funny how that doesn't apply to Cluck and his office staff illegally obtaining Steele's Credit Bureau Report .

Well, I'm sure Rev. Gisher and DaveAwayFromHome will no doubt think that $1 Million on a museum to honor unwashed, smelly, pot-smoking, trippin'-out-on-bad cid hippies is money well spent, right guys?

Earmarks? Geez, I thought the Dems promised to do away with those. Guess not. For once it's not about "the children," it's "for the aging hippies," and how can that possibly be bad or even remotely labelled Federal money stupidly spent?



"that we taxpayers don't pay enough in taxes."

that may be the funniest thing i ever saw. so you found a new source eh? not sharing with friends?
You find that funny? I wasn't sure any longer that you had a sense of humor. Meds finally kick in? Fiber finally make it through your system?
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