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Saturday, October 20, 2007

San Bernardino Public School Employee Surfing For Gay People On School Computer During Company Time?

Here's an interesting item I found on my Site Tracker.

It seems that someone from the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools was surfing the internet using the keywords: "gay people." On company time, no less.

The timestamp shows the visit occurred on: "19, Oct, Fri, 22:42:44". The actual time of the visit would be 6 hours earlier, thus 16:42:44, or, in non-Military time, about 42 minutes past 4PM.

It shouldn't be too difficult for San Bernardino County Superintendent Herbert R. Fischer, Ph.D. to track down who is surfing on a public school computer for "gay people" while on taxpayer time.

Click HERE for larger size image

Click HERE for larger size image

ah, you might oughta send him an email. i think i know this guy and he only reads kos.
Ooooohhh. Tommy, can you hear me!
The way schools are in Kalifornia they might have been conducting official business.
Is he a relative of yours Rev?
Ladies and Gentlemen, the one, the only, Lance Bonneville - Vegas Lounge Lizard singer and chocolatier!

Long time no hear from you Lance. Glad your still alive. Are you still shooting smack? Should I have asked that in a public forum? Oops...sorry Dude.
Digi-Bshirt - heh, really, probably some course pre-requisite!
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