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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Portland Maine Birth Control Free For All

Is Portland, Maine's King Middle School going too far in prescribing The Pill for girls in middle school. Plenty of Progressive callers to the Ed Schlutz program today were not pleased with the Portland School Board for voting to approve the school nurse having the power to prescribe - without parental consent - The Pill for 11 and 12 year-old girls.

The Portland School Committee approved the plan, offered by city health officials, on a 7-2 vote Wednesday night. CNN:

    After an outbreak of pregnancies among middle school girls, education officials in this city have decided to allow a school health center to make birth control pills available to girls as young as 11.


    Portland's three middle schools reported 17 pregnancies during the last four years, not counting miscarriages or terminated pregnancies that weren't reported to the school nurse. [So...17 pregnancies out of how many number of female students is an "outbreak"? Surely they meant to use the term "epidemic". - Drake]


    Five of the 134 students who visited King's health center during the 2006-07 school year reported having sexual intercourse, said Amanda Rowe, lead nurse in Portland's school health centers.

Well, who do these parents think they are? Liberals have been telling us for decades that women have a right to do what they want with their bodies. In all this time, Liberals have never mentioned that there is an age group where women are prohibited from doing what they want with their bodies, so why the outcry over prescribing The Pill for 11 and 12-year old girls?

In some cultures 11 and 12-year old girls are past their prime, they're over the hill. How can anyone stand on a soapbox and deny 11 or 12-year old girls to experience the joys of motherhood, the bond between mother and child, the wonders of giving birth and the highly pleasant experience of postpartum depression?

I am shocked, verging on outrage, that Progressives would think that they should be informed - let alone consent - that their 11 and 12-year old daughters are on The Pill. These 11 and 12-year old girls have a right to do with their bodies whatever they want. We're aware of the "keep your hands off my body" mindset preached by the Progressive Females but suddenly some parents - some of them Liberal and Progressive parents - don't want this mantra to apply to their tween daughters? Who do the parents think they are that they can control the behavior of their young daughters?

The Portland school decision seems to be a case of overreaching Liberalism, but the Left has been telling us for decades that there is no such thing. Prescribing The Pill to tween girls seems to be a wonderful idea that is "for the children." How can anything "for the children" be wrong or bad?

I would imagine that most 11 and 12-year old girls are eager to have children and start a family at a young age - you know - getting a head start on it. We are familiar with what I'll call Little Miss Beauty Pageants, where girls as young as 3 and 4 and 5-years old are dressed up like little sluts and whores, paraded around wearing more make-up and lipstick than any aging hooker walking the streets. Heck, by the age of 11 and 12, many girls must be dying to reproduce.

This is a perfect case of Liberals drawing a line in the sand thinking that the Liberal mentality goes too far, slapping parents in the face. Why would they want to push such antiquated Victorian values - like the absurdity of abstinence - on their children? Certainly tween girls have every right to do with their bodies that any other adult woman chooses to do with her body. Why would anyone object to their tween daughters going on The Pill without parental consent and notification? "It's for the children."


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