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Monday, October 08, 2007

Pay Up: What Is The Cost Of
"Good" Government?

How much are you willing to pay - or perhaps I should ask - how much should it cost each individual taxpayer to pay for a "good" government?

How much should the Federal Government take from your paycheck? 30%? 50%? 75%? 85%? 95.6%? I ask because this topic came up in the comment thread at another blog.

A commenter likened a good government and a willingness to pay for it like a good meal. If you want a really good lunch, the comment went, do you expect a good meal for $1.99 or are you willing to drop some cash?

Well, the difference is that I know beforehand that if I'm going to drop some cash, I'll get a good meal at a famous steakhouse where dinner for two people, with adult beverages, is going to tally up to around $160.00. Yeah, that's right, dinner for two at $160.00 - that doesn't include the tip.

Here's the problem: we don't know how some of the idiots in Washington D.C. are going to spend our money. And those idiots are in both the Democrat and Republican party, make no mistake about it. There is no guarantee whatsoever that any politician is going to spend our money wisely, thus, just because they spend more is not indicative of a "good" quality of government.

Most of us are familiar with the pork of Republican Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, and his bridge to nowhere. We are familiar with Democrat Congressman John Murtha's pork spending. Stevens and Murtha are only two - two! - examples of reckless and wanton spending in D.C. And neither one of their pork spending is a good example of "good government," is it? I defy anyone to comment that supporting this kind of spending equals good government.

So, does Washington know how to spend our money better than we do? Does Washington spending more money make the government somehow "better"? Not in my book. But then, Liberals and Democrats love to spend money, don't they? They're addicted to spending money. They can't stop, they're hooked.

What is the price of good government? Is spending a lot of money a sign of a good, quality government? Not in my book. I'd be interested in reading your comments. Please add one, or two, telling me how much it costs to pay for a "good" government.

And how much should the government take out of your check? 35%? 60%? 99%? Should they take it all and then give us a rebate, based on what Washington thinks we "need" to "get by"? There's some folks out there who pretty much believe that this is how it should work. Boy, I hope none of them ever get elected to public office.



face up, income tax is illegal. you want to keep paying it? what is it with you in paying people more money than they should get?

dave, let me talk to you about the whig party. the whig party believes in financial prudence and does not believe that one titular leader can be the voice for everyone in this country.

whigs believe that congress more accurately echoes your voice from your local area.

whigs never had an income tax, and never would have voted for it. you got into this problem by putting your faith with the republican party.

what did you get for that? higher government spending and you get to stand there and watch your fellow party members tell you you cannot smoke pot. you are in bed, with a bunch of fag-bashing, anti-drug,thumper mothers.

whigs did not care if you smoked pot and they never asked you to pay income taxes.

join the whig party today dave and leave those lying assholes in the dirt.

your blood chemistry will thank you for it.
The big issue here, Dave, is that it is far easier to spend someone else’s money than your own just ask my ex-wife.

So in the end it is not a matter of partisan politics, both sides will go through money faster than a drunk at a strip joint.
That's right. Pay up or else. Pay up or the G-men will kick down your door, seize your assets, and haul you to the gulag. Now that's good government. Seizing assets? From which Lem have we heard that one? Hmmm. Maybe all of them? Or you could just ask the darlings of the Left. You know Chavez and Mugabe and Fidel and the Peanut Farmer and... Well you get the point.
Rev - I've heard the argument about income tax being illegal. I'll tell you what - why don't you refuse to pay income tax and fight it as so many others have...and lost...and get back to me on it. Let me know the address of the prison so I can write to you.

"you are in bed, with a bunch of fag-bashing, anti-drug,thumper mothers." -- I know this is just your attempt to bait me into an argument of circular illogic and I'm not going to fall for it. It is no more accurate than me writing that "all Dems and Libs are in bed with baby killers, abortionists, serial murders (like Tookie Wilson), and Tax and Spenders." - Well, okay, all Dems and Libs ARE Tax and Spenders, but the other items don't necessarily apply to every single Dem or Lib. It's not universal.

Nice try on your part to sucker me into another 25+ comment "go-around." I'm not falling for it.
Arc - I agree with you that both sides spend money like meth heads. That's precisely why I used Stevens' Brige to Nowhere.

It's the Rev Gisher and his gang who makes the point at his blog that, more or less, if you want a good govt then you need to be willing to pay for it. And I don't have a problem with that.

IT'S TO OVERPAYING that I am against and it's obvious we are overpaying when the pork spending on insane projects just keeps getting allocated and spent. A Brige To Nowhere - and all the other pork - is not indicative of "a willingness to pay for a good govt" - it's an example of overtaxation to the max.

Good pt on the ex-wives. They always want more money.
Molson - I agree. Chaves, Fidel...they are no different from the major Dem (Lems-heh, love that) presidential candidates. They are socialists. If they would at least be honest with themselves and the public and call themselves Socialists or Marxists and I've a pube-worth's respect for 'em.

Thanks for visiting and commenting, as always.
no i was just trying to get you to join the whig party dude.
I'm wise to your antics Gisher. ;-)
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