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Saturday, October 06, 2007

One Hit News

United Nations envoy described abuses in Myanmar. BBC:

    [Ibrahim Gambari, UN envoy to Burma] said there was great concern over reports of night-time raids, arbitrary arrests, mass relocations and beatings "being committed by security and non-uniformed elements".

Living in fear in Burma. BBC:

    Across the country around 3,000 villages have been burnt to the ground over the last decade - their inhabitants often killed, raped or made to do forced labour.


    "Burmese soldiers came to my village. They beat me and forced me to carry things for them for days at a time. Sometimes I would be tortured," one man says.


    "When the soldiers came to my village they burned down our home and then tortured members of my family. We ran for our lives."

- - - - -
Che Guevara: The icon and the t-shirt. BBC:

    ...the image has been infinitely repeated - emblazoned on T-shirts and sprayed on to walls, transformed into pop art and used to wrap ice-creams and sell cigarettes - and its appeal has not faded.


    "I deliberately designed it to breed like rabbits," [says Jim Fitzpatrick, who produced the ubiquitous high-contrast drawing in the late 1960s as a young graphic artist].

- - - - -
Decriminalizing recreational drug use. The Prague Post:

    Lawmakers are considering lower penalties for small-scale recreational drug growers under a Criminal Code change that decriminalizes recreational drug use.


    The idea behind the amendment is to separate recreational drug users from “the black market,” says Justice Ministry spokeswoman Zuzana Kuncová.

- - - - -
Baby mix-up at the hospital. The Prague Post:

    Two families that have each been raising the wrong baby girls for 10 months met Friday with each other and with psychologists to discuss how to exchange the children, according to Czech newspapers.


    The switch of the two babies took place in a hospital where both mothers gave birth on Dec. 9, 2006, but the reason remains unclear.

- - - - -
Man authorities believed was missing is found on a sofa. Aftenposten:

    The driver of the boat was relaxing on a sofa at his mother's home while rescue workers searched the sea off Snarøysundet on Thursday night.


    "It has been established that the man was alone on the boat. We have a suspicion of intoxication..."

This is why I'm a firm believer that the sofa should always, always be the first place to check when any man is believed to be missing. Usually, he'll be found on the couch.
- - - - -
Corporate executive charged with 8 counts of filming up women's skirts. (No, it wasn't Bill Clinton). Singapore Strait Times:

    Peter Ong Kim Seng, 45, is accused of intruding into the privacy of a woman by placing his cellphone underneath her skirt at the third-level escalator of The Heeren at Orchard Road on Jan 25 last year.

    He is said to have committed seven other similar offences between Dec 29, 2005 and Jan 24 last year but the locations and the identities of the women could not be verified.

- - - - -
Hugo Chavez: Don't believe what he says. The New York Times (that would be not FOX News for you LiberTards):

    When Hugo Chávez was elected president of Venezuela in 1998, most of the world heeded the advice of the American ambassador in Caracas: “Watch what Chávez does, not what he says.” On the campaign trail, Chávez had railed against liberal economics, the Venezuelan elite and United States influence in Latin America. He had shown himself to be a savvy political performer who would intersperse off-color jokes and prankish gimmicks among proclamations of a “revolution” that would wipe out the old political leadership — the “corruptocracy,” as he put it. Ignore all that, the ambassador’s line went. Despite the bluster, Chávez's actions would turn out to be fairly moderate.

    The opposite advice would have been more helpful: everything Chávez said he would do, he has eventually done. While gleefully playing the buffoon, he has dismantled and refashioned most of Venezuela’s political institutions, taken control of its crucial industries (oil, most importantly) and rewritten its Constitution — twice. He has used headline-grabbing rhetoric, aggressive diplomacy and petrodollars to become one of the most famous political figures in the world. And he has recently set about abolishing term limits so he can stay in power as long as is necessary to build “21st-century socialism” in Venezuela.

I'd add that Americans should believe just the opposite of what is said by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Osama Obama, John Edwards and other like-minded Socialists. Clinton, Obama and Edwards want to be the American version of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro rolled into one.

It is mind-boggling why Liberals adore Hugo Chavez...no, wait a minute - on second thought they are just like him. They want to dismantle the U.S. political institution, replacing the free market and capitalism with socialism (example: socialized health care), they want to seize control of private business and the corporate world (Clinton saying she will, "take things away from us for the common good," and saying she "would seize the profits of oil companies."), and they want to gut the Constitution and set themselves up as a ruling aristocracy.

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