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Sunday, October 14, 2007

One Hit News

54 percent of Danes indicated they believe a popular vote on the EU treaty should be held. Most, 35 percent, say they would vote for the treaty, while 23 percent said they would vote against. The Copenhagen Post
- - - - -
Norway's military has felt it necessary to dispatch fighter jets 29 times so far this year, to monitor Russian military flights offshore. Now it's emerged that at least one of the Russian aircraft was equipped with a cruise missile. Aftenposten
- - - - -
Huge drug bust in Norway: Customs agents patrolling Norway's southern border at Svinesund seized more than 140 kilos of amphetamines along with hash and ecstasy tablets. Aftenposten
- - - - -
Baby mix-up, Hospital says, "Whoops!". The Prague Post
- - - - -
Little girl risks death every time she eats a meal: Tracheo-Oesophageal Fistula - Doctors had discovered that her oesophagus (food pipe) was joined to her trachea (windpipe), meaning she was unable to swallow, and could choke to death. Evening Telegraph
- - - - -
Defense attorneys of 1989 Lockerbie bombing defendant claim prosecutors did not release all known documents. The Herald
- - - - -
U.S. Dems set to raise taxes by a Trillion Dollars. Politico
- - - - -
Emboldened by his Nobel win, Albert Gore, Junior continues scare tactics of global warming and it's not even Halloween. BBC
- - - - -
Searching for aliens. Space.com
- - - - -
Jammie Thomas, who lost her RIAA case of illegally downloading music off the Internet says She is "not a puppet." CNet News
- - - - -
Want to try something new for dinner? How about Haggis Lasagna. Say it with me...Haggis Lasagna...Haggis Lasagna! Mmmm-mmmm good! The Evening Telegraph

The Lems new one trillion dollar motto for the 'Unionized States of America'... In Theft We Trust.

But a haggis lasagna in every pot!
as long as they are stealing from bill gates and giving it to me, i am jake with it.
Rev, you're such a Libber! They will take cash from Gates and reimburse you only in enlightenment.

But I don't expect you to wake up to this.
if gates is involved at all, there will not be any enlightenment, only subtrafuge used to disguise itself as a charitable foundation. that and a bunch of reverse engineered theft.
Rev - why, I didn't know you were a Gates-hater.

Yeah, dismiss all what Gates and MS has done for the econonmy, employment etc etc. You maybe liked it when the Clinton Justice System sued MS for bundling IE? That was just an orchestrated hit by the Clintons because Gates didn't donate biiiiiiiiiiiillions to their political fundraisers.

Diss on his charitable foundation - oh, but hit your knees with kneepads when the Left raises money for the less fortunate among us. Like maybe Oprah and her charitable org?

I gotta ask, not getting enough fiber or is your Doc tinkering with the dosage of your meds? You have really reached out with nastiness in the past few months. What gives?
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