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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jimmy Carter Presidency Ended When?

I know it probably seems to everyone like Jimmy Carter was in office for twelve years, but...it was only one term; four miserable years. Damn, it did feel like 12 years though, didn't it?

Facts didn't deter whomever input data into the Wikipedia page and entry of Carter, the Worst.President.Ever.

They had his term running from January 20, 1977 – January 20, 1989. Gee, that would sure be a shocker to anyone alive during the Ronald Regan Presidency and anyone possessing the most rudimentary knowledge of presidential history.

Below is a screen print of the inaccuracy on the Wiki page, but to really see the detail, Click HERE for the Large Version. Once there, click on the image to enlarge even more.

The Wiki error has since been corrected, although I added the time and date that I discovered this little bit of revisionist history on my screen capture: 10/17/07 at 7:12 PM CDT.

This little lesson in fact-checking, using more than one or two sources on the internet before any blogger hits the "Publish" Button, is brought to by Yours Truly, a notoriously good fact-checker! And this is why and how I can always shoot down the Libs in their failed, fictional arguments of folly and falsity. They could learn from me, but they won't. "Believing" something is far better than proving it.


yo yo yo. my man!

exactly what i have been screaming and yet another chance to whore my baby...

I searched Carter on SA and your search results state that he's still the President.
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