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Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Columbus Day!

Hmmmmmm...no advertisement, that I noticed, of Macy's having a Columbus Day Outerwear sale. This is a shame. Apparently stinky, unwashed mom and greasy-haired daughter (or daughter-in-law) from last year maybe had an impact on Macy's not having a Columbus Day sale?

If your local newspaper runs an advertisement for a national franchise or local store that is having a Columbus Day sale, make sure you patronize that store. Buy something from them, even if it's just a low-priced item. Tell them you appreciate that they have the guts to celebrate and offer a Columbus Day sale.

Read about last year's Macy's Columbus Day Outerwear sale HERE and how unwashed mom and greasy-haired daughter (or daughter-in-law) bitched about it. What a couple of soap and water challenged losers they both are.

Let me know - add a comment - if your local paper runs any advertisements of a retailer having a Columbus Day sale.

I wish everyone a happy, joyous, prosperous, cheerful and glorious Columbus Day.

In Columbus Day related news, Columbus Day Parade protesters arrested in Denver. I wonder if stinky, unwashed mom and greasy-haired daughter (or daughter-in-law) were among them?



the asswipe didn't even discover this country!
In my best Bill Clinton impression:

"That depends on what your definition of 'discover', is."
Ok so...

Perhaps he wasn't the first European to make it to the Americas. However he is considered the reason for the eventual exploration/colonization of both North and South America

Unless you want to revise history which most Liberals want to do because the real history always refutes their ideas...
Hey Arc - I watched the PBS program on Columbus last night (Monday). It was good and relatively balanced. Catch it if it reruns, and it prob will.

I agree with your first sentence, and so did most of the experts involved in the PBS Columbus program. Good point!
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