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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Toothpaste Was Already Out Of The Tube

All the Little Liberal R-Tard blogs, sites and Usual America Haters are using the same un-quaint little phrase in their attacks on the Petraeus Report: "The toothpaste was already out of the tube." My, my - this group of LiberTards - the inbred products of incestual relationships - sure think they're clever.

Pictured: The Democrat Thought Process

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i agree with what the good general said. basically on the violence there has been some improvement, but on the political front, things suck.

you can get a big enough hammer to pound any nail in. how long does it stay in when you weakened the wood by beating it with such a big hammer?

then you have to ask, how many hammers do you need to knock all the nails in right now to finish the house? me thinks we need allot more hammers than we have.

this is primarily because the wood ain't very sturdy to begin with.

i am glad that when my children did not finish the chores i expected them to do, that they got punished.

my kids learned about consequences because i demanded they face them.

they never would have done any chores if i kept doing them for them.

just a few thoughts from a libtard.
What the hell does that mean?
Rev...whaddaya mean "just a few thought from a libtard" ?

You're not a libtard, are you? OMG, if you are, I will have to divorce and dissolve my relationship with you. /sarcasm

You are not a libtard, if you were, you would not punish your kids for not completely their chores.

I think you are similar to my political bent - Indie/Libertarian. You may lean a bit Left in some issues, but I know from what you've written in the past that you are no baptized libertard. Now stop scaring me with such talk and give us some photos of you dressed in drag for the costume party you wrote about a couple days ago.
are you a curious kinds guy dave?
oh and bug, unlike coulter, i trust you are smart enough to figure that out if you work on it. i hope you do, especially if you vote and drive, as well as reproduce.
It all depends on what your definition of the word "curious" is.

You seem a little antagonistic towards Bug for asking a question. It does not seem like you to be this way. Hmmmmmmm...I wonder what the problemo is.
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