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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Rebours, St. Paul Restaurant Closes

Another restaurant in downtown Ghost Town St. Paul, Minnesota closes its doors.

From TwinCities.com:

    A Rebours has said au revoir to downtown St. Paul. The three-year-old French bistro with the hard-to-pronounce name and hard-to-resist food has closed its doors for good.

    "It got to the point where I couldn't make a living downtown," said owner Doug Anderson. "When there's no event going on, it turns into a ghost town."

    A Rebours in the Hamm Building on St. Peter Street is the second high-profile downtown St. Paul restaurant to close this summer. After battling financial setbacks, David Fhima closed six-year-old Fhima's in June.

St. Paul used to be a ghost town, but when Norm Coleman - now U.S. Senator - was St. Paul's mayor that changed. It became a vibrant city with a vibrant nightlife. Randy Kelly, St. Paul mayor after Norm Coleman continued the tradition.

But slowly and methodically, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman (no relation to Norm) who defeated Kelly, and his City Council of Idiots, have turned St. Paul back into a ghost town with restaurants and bars closing in record numbers due to onerous taxes and regulations and doing everything they can to discourage people from patronizing businesses in St. Paul; no-smoking, etc etc etc.

Chris Coleman:
"No one is going to go out of business because of [St. Paul's no-smoking policy]." - April 2006

Dave "Toothy Grin" Thune: Thune said, in a local news interview, "I say [to the bar owners] Trust Me". - January, 2006

Good work Kommissar Coleman, Toothy Grin Dave Thune and the rest of the asshat city council who mismanage the city. If your goal is a city of dirt streets and tumbleweeds, bereft of any human activity, you are well on your way to getting there.


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dave you know my politics lean more to TR than what they call conservatives today, so I come to you with a question.

if my memory serves me, there has been no agreement with al jazeera to not broadcast tapes the get from osama,and if my memory serves me al jazeera has always broadcasted the tapes before the u.s. even analyzed them.

this most recent tape was not shown anywhere until our government released it, and from what i could tell, it wasn't even available on al qaeda friendly web sites.

did osama fedex the tape to the cia along with his travel vouchers for reimbursement?

or a better question is if we have gotten so damn sharp we can grab these tapes well before they get days away from al jazeera's grasp, why the heck can't we catch this guy?

smells really fishy to me, and it also bothers me that nobody in the MSM has asked this question. i know the new york times proved with plame they were in bed with the bush administration but this is far worse don't you think?

what really bothers me is if i closed my eyes, the words coming outta osama's mouth sounded like a picture that bush would want painted of the democrats.

what better way to poo-poo global warming than to have osama talk about it?

just wondering what you think. to me, it is blatantly weird, and of special concern because we are afterall, the people that set osama up to operate back in afghanistan. looks like he is still on the payroll.
Make sure you listen to the unconfirmed translation I posted above.

TR... Teddy Roosevelt, right? I agree with you.

I haven't yet read up on the details surrounding the release of the tape, so I cannot comment intelligently on its release. CNN does have a hub in Iraq, don't they? I wouldn't be surprised if they got it from OBL? Who knows.

I have heard intel has confirmed it is OBL in the tape. I don't know why he's talking about global warming and the other stuff. Maybe he's in the middle stages of dementia or something?
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