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Monday, September 10, 2007

Public School Extortion And Blackmail
Sounding A False Alarm

Do you live in a school district that is lobbying for more of your money via referendum elections this November, wanting to abscond with more of your money from higher property taxes? This is happening in much of the Twin Cities area as well as other parts of the state. Is it happening to you, too?

The Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (MRSNKT
) runs a lengthy story on this subject, titled "Sounding The Alarm". The MRSNKT requires free registration to read their stories. However, the same story can be found at MSNBC.

The story notes that "School districts across the state are warning of dire cuts if tax increases don't pass this fall, but some wary voters say educators are crying wolf."

The administrators and educators are crying wolf, there is no doubt about it. These people use and abuse the "it's for the children" tactic that falls on many a deaf ear. We've heard "it's for the children" one too many times from these Liberal Tax and Spenders; same song, different day and its fright power is greatly diminished.

Ted Blaesing

White Bear Lake school superintendent Ted Blaesing said he isn't trying to frighten voters. The plan for cuts is real, he said.

Sure Ted, sure. We all believe you. You have no vested interest in scaring or frightening the taxpayers, do you?

Bob Meeks, executive director of the Minnesota School Boards Association says, "I know these people well, and they are scared to death about what happens if these referendums are not approved."

What will happen, Bob? That the school districts will have to operate within a fixed budget? My god, how horrible, how draconian.

Bob Meeks

Like many a Liberal-run government - local, state or federal - it's not that these school districts don't have adequate funding. They spend money without any accountability because they look upon the taxpayer as their personal endless gravy train of cash. Taxpayers are tired of being bullied and threatened with tactics that are tantamount to extortion and blackmail from those in the educational system.

Have you ever visited a newly built school? In Minnesota, new schools are akin to the Taj Mahal. No cubicles to be found, only rich walnut desks and the most expensive ergonomic chairs that money can buy. Why, we can't have the well-paid Assistant to the Under Assistant to the Assistant to the Assistant Vice Principal developing any lumbar discomfort, can we?

While school districts spend more and more money, they don't deliver results in student performance. Year after year performance testing is, at best, moderate. These "average" results, according to the soak-the-taxpayer-for-more-money-crowd, can be surpassed if only - you guessed it - we'd "spend more money on education".

Supporters of higher taxes for schools - usually parents who don't want to pay their fair share for their own children - claim "our future is our children." Well, with "the children" continuing to underachieve I shudder to think that these blobs of protoplasm, who will someday be adults, are the ones who will be writing the laws that govern us or treating us for our medical problems.

We are constantly treated to stories that public education is failing us. Well, who's been in charge of the public education system for decades? The answer: Liberals. Because they refuse to take any responsibility for their failures, the Liberal solution to better student performance is "spending more money". The oft-trotted platitude from education Liberals that "everyone benefits from educated students" is best answered with "maybe". Student performance testing, in most cases, proves this platitude false.

We hear frequent tales from colleges that freshman students cannot write a simple sentence with a subject and a verb. We hear that college freshman are in dire need of remedial basic math courses. This happens because public schools are failing to do its job. Sadly, this is nothing new, it has been occurring for decades; decades of an educational system run by a Liberal mentality.

The answer to the educational system in the United States is to privatize it. Performance testing results show time and time again that students in private schools do better than those in public schools. When you say this to the educational Liberals they respond with "that's because public schools aren't funded adequately." Well, how much is enough? Of course, educational Liberals have no answer to this, for doing so would pin them in a corner. The only answer they have is "more". What a greedy and selfish bunch of Liberal Elitists they are, looking out for and caring about only themselves and their monopolistic profession. All of this is detrimental to the students, the same students that the educational Liberals falsely claim to care so much about.


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David the Department of Education are a bunch of mobsters... If we could apply the RICO laws to them... look up public schools, what did people do before public schools?
Oh how you nailed it, callin them mobsters. If they were running any type of private business they would be indeed indicted under RICO. Very good point, very very good!
The leftards and many RINO's argue that there isn't enough money for public schools. I argue that there is too much money and the following link to an article about the Denver Public Schools is just one example of thousands.

Hotdamn - I briefly perused the linked story - and saved it to read later. What a waste, what an awful waste.

I don't have a problem funding education. But school districts need to start PROVING THEY NEED THE EXTRA MONEY - and this is something they never do, they cannot do it.

They spend foolishly, as your linked item proves. They HAVE TO HAVE the newest, best, latest technology. This is bullshit.

Great link, and thank you for passing it on.
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