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Sunday, September 09, 2007

PBS - The Propaganda Broadcasting System

PBS is indeed The Propaganda Broadcasting System. Other entries of this ongoing series can be found by clicking on the Labels Link PBS at the bottom of this post.

Here is the PBS programming schedule for this week. All program descriptions below are taken verbatim from the weekly television schedule included in the Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune.

Let's see if PBS has an agenda.

    Monday, September 10
    Program: Generation Next 2.0
    Description: Judy Woodruff travels across the U.S. to explore the attitudes and culture of people aged 16-25, who face a future of complex global challenges. [Or will George W. Bush destroy the globe before these youngsters even get a chance to protest? - Drake]

    Program: P.O.V.
    Description: "Made In L.A." - Three Latina garment workers fight for better working conditions, waging a three-year battle to bring a major clothing retailer to the negotiating table. Subtitled - English. [A garment company employing workers in Liberal Los Angeles isn't paying these workers $35/hour with free medical and dental care and free daycare for their children? Shocked - I am shocked, I tell you - shocked! - Drake]

    Tuesday, September 11
    Program: Nova
    Description: "Building On Ground Zero" - The collapse of the World Trade Center and improvements to construction and security of other important structures. [What - did something bad happen to the World Trade Center buildings? One wouldn't know from PBS. - Drake]

    Program: Wide Angle
    Description: "A Woman Among Warlords" - Malalai Joya campaigns for Afghanistan's parliament, meeting with clan leaders, opium kings and girls pressured to marry old men. [The description makes it sound as if Afghanistan isn't Shangri La. It would be, if only U.S. Military Troops were not there. Does Roman Polanski made a cameo appearance as an old man cavorting with a 3-year old girl? We'll have to watch the program to find out! - Drake]

    Program: The Story of Ladybird Johnson
    Description: The first lady augments Lyndon Johnson's presidency and plays important roles in conservation, Head Start and the national movement for beautification. [No mention will be made at how the Johnson family personally enriched themselves with government contracts to Brown and Root and Halliburton. - Drake]

    Wednesday, September 12
    Program: Brown Is The New Green: George Lopez and the American Dream
    Description: George Lopez's life and career are the focus of a study on how American media and Hispanic marketing shape Latino identity. [To paraphrase a line from the character Chris, the son on the animated sitcom "Family Guy", promoting George Lopez in any manner only serves the illusion and myth that George Lopez is funny. - Drake]

    Program: American Masters
    Description: "Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends" - Tony Bennett, born in New York's Little Italy, enjoys an international career, selling 50 million records and winning 50 Grammy Awards. [I like Tony Bennett's music a lot, but politically he's a Bush Hater and I'm sure this will somehow make its way into the program. Just sing, old man, sing. - Drake]

    Thursday, September 13
    Program: When Nature Strikes Back
    Description: "Monsoon: The Wind With Three Faces" - People who have been affected by monsoon storms in the United States and Mexico; problems encountered while researching monsoons. [Oh, how none of this would have occurred had Bush signed the Kyoto Treaty. - Drake]

    Friday, September 14
    Program: One Man's Journey
    Description: "Into The Great Solitude" - Explorer Robert Perkins embarks on a canoe trip through the Canadian Arctic. [Where, no doubt, polar bears are dying and glaciers melting at a record pace. - Drake]

    Program: NOW
    Description: "Iraq: Stories From the Battlefield" - The 3rd Infantry Division redeploys to Iraq. [Doom and gloom portrayal of Bush's illegal war and occupation of Iraq? - Drake]

And of course, Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers and Tavis Smiley - on their respective programs - continue their course of action decrying the evils of Bush, Conservatism and Republicans while advancing the decency and integrity of Liberalism and Democrats.

No...no political agenda or bias on PBS, it's completely objective and neutral.



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