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Monday, September 10, 2007

Of Bridges, Floods And Promises

The Sunday Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (MRSNKT) published a story about the flood-damaged areas of Southern Minnesota. Because the MRSNKT requires a free registration for reading the story, I cannot directly link to it. You can find it by searching its headline title: "Special-session talks are as messy as flood" in Google and hitting their "News" link.

The story also notes the August 1 collapse of the I-35W Mississippi Bridge. The State Legislature hasn't yet convened a special session as Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty - RINO, indicated after the bridge disaster. The main sticking point seems to be that the Democrat-controlled legislature will not agree to a one day session addressing the problems of the bridge and the aftermath of the flooded communities. In Minnesota, the governor can call a special session, but once it begins, only the legislature can decide when it ends. Therein lies the problem.

Opening the door to a special session without any defining parameters of what that session will include is like opening the door to a room full of candy for a child. The Democrats appear to not want a defined agenda for what a special session will address. Of course, this can only lead to a Democrat-controlled legislature passing Tax Increase after Tax Increase, all of which - we can hope - the governor would veto. Please remember, I am no fan of Tim Pawlenty this term around; I did not vote for him in November 2006.

However, Pawlenty has made a fair and modest request to the top-heavy Democrat leaders; that of signing a pledge that a special session would last for only one day and that it would define the issues as the bridge collapse and the flood areas.

Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Larry Pogemiller said, "It's childish to keep asking for these signed things." Larry wets his pants with glee at even the thought of raising taxes, he's a dyed-in-the-wool Happy Tax and Spender. This is precisely the reason Pawlenty is asking that the Democrats sign and agree to a predetermined agenda of only a one day session.

Larry and other Democrats cannot be trusted, their word means nothing. They may talk a good game plan and say what others want to hear, but in the end, they will run roughshod like pigs running to slop at dinnertime. This is why Pawlenty is asking them to agree to a one day session with the issues being addressed confined to the bridge and the flood.

House Majority Speaker, Democrat Large Marge Kelliher says, about those affected by the flooding, "These folks have been victims of disasters and we don't need to make them victims again by not acting." Large Marge fails to acknowledge that everyone in this state is a victim of over-taxation and onerous regulations enacted into law by Liberals just like her who want to control every aspect of our personal and private lives.

The state has somewhere around a $2.2 Billion dollar surplus. There is no reason for a special session, there is no reason to raise taxes for bridge replacement or for financial assistance to anyone suffering from the devastation from the flood. But Democrats like to grandstand, dancing atop the hardships of those affected by the bridge collapse and the flood.

The answer to everything from Democrats is increasing taxes. When their objectives are not met, their answer again is that taxes weren't raised enough. Their reasoning turns to raising taxes even more when the objective of their objectives aren't met.

Is there really any question why Pawlenty is asking Democrats to back-up their words with their signature, promising a special session will last only one day and the issues addressed will be confined to the bridge and the flood?

Everyone knows Democrats cannot be trusted. This has to be why Pogemiller and Large Marge are so offended by being asked to put their signature where their pie holes are. They'd have to be held accountable and we all know this is anathema for Democrats.



you ar so smarmy and arogant I'd like to ring your neck.
"Ar" I smarmy and "arogant"?

You'd like to "ring" my neck? Or "wring" my neck?

You are one of those tolerant Liberals, right?

I rarely publish anony comments, but yours takes the cake.

See the post above this one on the public school system. You can't write for shit, but I bet you have a glowing appreciation for alternative lifestyles. Not that thar's eenything rong with that, but you shud no how two right a centance and spell first; don't you agree? Probably knot.
i am sure glad the republicans kept a tight grip on spending while they controlled congress from 2000 to 2006.
Now Rev, you "ar" being smarmy but not "arogant".

It is unclear to me the intent of your comment, since this post is more a state issue - the flood - than a federal issue. The bridge is federal because it was a span on US Freeway 35. Clarification, my good sir?
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