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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John Kerry, Stun Guns And Free Speech

These are the days I live for, the kind where an idiot LiberTard is tasered by a stun gun. BBC:

    University of Florida police used a stun gun on a student taking part in a forum with former presidential candidate John Kerry.

    Andrew Meyer was questioning Senator Kerry on why he did not contest the results of the 2004 election.

    University officials said he exceeded his allotted time and became disruptive after his microphone was cut off.

    Video footage shows police pulling Mr Meyer from the audience and pinning him to the ground before stunning him.

This is how the Left would like to deal with everyone who doesn't wholly and fully agree with their absurdist, Socialist platform.

There's no doubt the student is a Lefty, we can tell this by what he said. For instance, asking Kerry (who, if you didn't know it, served in Vietnam - yes he did, he surely did) why he didn't contest the 2004 election. Uh - because by late afternoon on the day of the November 2004 election Kerry's own inner circle admitted that they knew he had lost. There were no election shenanigans going on in Ohio - as much as the Loserman Party would like to so desperately otherwise believe.

Below is the video of the crybaby student being nailed by the stun gun. I can't stop watching it. I think it's going to be the feel good hit of the year!

Now, the first video below has the best video, but it doesn't contain the question regarding challenging the Ohio election results. The second video, slightly longer in running time, is the one where we can tell the student is a Lefty by the questions he asks Kerry, especially regarding the Ohio election. Both videos are getting a lot of hits, so if they don't play right away, refresh the page. Enjoy:


aside from your obvious disdain for the boy, don't you think the police went a bit over the top?
The whole debackle is shameful from start to finish. I am surprised skerry actually said to let the young man finish asking his question - that he would answer it. Pfffffffft! What a bunch of morons--all of them, including the student.

I wish the media would give us all a break from the left-tards and moonbats!
I always enjoy your posts and comments. Keep up the good fight.
Rev - not so much disdain as self aggrandizing.

Rumors abound on the internet that it was all a set-up and that the kid asking the question had supposedly asked to be arrested. If that is not true, no, I don't think the cops went over the top.
Layla, I'm beginning to think more and more it was all an act and a set-up. We'll learn more, I guess, as the days go by.
Gene - thank you! I feel the same about your blog and what you write about. Keep in touch and thanks for commenting and visiting.
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