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Monday, September 10, 2007

Hillary MrsSatan Proud Of Her Performance In Spanish-Only Candidate Debate

From CNN:

    Questions about immigration dominated a forum for Democratic presidential candidates put on Sunday by the Spanish-language television network Univision.

    Front-runner Sen. Hillary Clinton condemned what she called "very destructive" rhetoric on the issue.

Well, if anyone is an expert on "very destructive" rhetoric...


In the Dumbasscrat world it's OK to steal money or to take stolen money as long as you don't get caught. What happens if you do get caught. You just give it back or donate it to one of your charity fronts and all is good. No foul. No crime. Gee wouldn't that be great if that worked for the rest of us. Hey maybe the next time I get a speeding ticket I can just tell the officer that I'll drive backwards at the same speed I got caught at and that should undo it. No foul. No crime.
Whoops DD. I may have been off-topic on that last post. I just saw the picture of Hillary and assumed the post was about stealing money not speaking the espanol. See. No foul. No crime. It works!
That's okay - no comment is really off-post in my world. I welcome all of them...well, the Haters would argue that I sometimes don't publish their comments - and, they're RIGHT!

F*ck em.

I like your idea about driving backwards.
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