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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gopher Rape Case Update

My following opinion may anger and upset some individuals. I want to make it crystal clear that I do not condone any of the alleged actions of the ex-Minnesota Gopher football team players.

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press aka Twincities.com:

    The judge in the rape case against former Gophers football player Dominic Jones ordered Hennepin County prosecutors to turn over to the defense all police reports, a copy of a cell phone video and information about the accuser.

    Hennepin County District Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum said the defense's requests were reasonable.

    Prosecutors had refused to turn over the material, arguing that, in the case of information about the complainant, the disclosure could endanger the woman.

    "She has been contacted numerous times by phone, text messages, and she does have serious concerns regarding her safety and security," Assistant County Attorney Marlene Senechal told the court Thursday.

    In an affidavit file with the court, a sexual assault victim advocate said contact with the victim came from Jones' friends and others, including members from the media. The woman has changed her address and telephone number because of it and remains concerned about safety, the affidavit said.


    Jones, 20, was charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct in July after an 18-year old woman accused him of raping her in a University Avenue apartment shared by four other football players: Keith Massey, E.J. Jones, Alex Daniels and Robert McField.

    Massey, E.J. Jones and Daniels were arrested initially but have not been charged. Prosecutors allege the men took turns having sex with the woman.

    A key piece of evidence is cell phone video allegedly depicted a sex act between Dominic Jones and the woman. She had consumed eight shot glasses of vodka that night and was in a "stupor" at the time, according to the criminal complaint.

Isn't it ironic that the victim is suddenly concerned about her safety, security and well-being while she was completely unconcerned about her safety, security and well-being on the night that she ingested the eight shot glasses of vodka. What exactly was she thinking her consequences may be during the time she was guzzling the vodka?

Where is the Liberal Bleeding Heart Crowd - the same crowd that proselytizes against not only under age cigarette smokers but all cigarette smokers in general - with regard to an underage 18-year old consuming liquor? The legal drinking age is 21-years old. Where did she obtain the vodka? Did she use a fake ID in order to purchase the vodka? Did someone else provide the vodka to her? Was the provider under the legal drinking age? What exactly was going through her mind during the time she was imbibing in such a large amount of alcohol? Once again we have the Victim Mentality being pushed by a Liberal Agenda.

The intent of the victim needs to be established. Personally, I think the victim went to the party with every intention of wanting to "get it on" with multiple partners and she woke up and sobered up with a case of regret. The Left, of course, will pawn her off as a victim who played no part in her outcome, who had no intent to do what allegedly occurred even though she made a conscious choice to consume an inordinate amount of liquor prior to what allegedly happened.

I want to repeat - in no uncertain terms - that I do not endorse, approve or condone the actions of which the football players are accused. These acts are are repugnant, disgusting and abhorrent. Anyone committing acts like those of the accused should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and be held responsible for their actions.

I would like to know what personal responsibility the victim has in being held accountable for her actions. In consuming eight shots of liquor, anyone with even an average degree of intelligence knows that they may be susceptible and predisposed to do things they would not do if they are sober and with full and clear mental capacity.



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